First Impressions: Accel World

Not the pre-air, but the actual TV air.

[The pre-air was released earlier this week; I didn’t watch it because I wanted to do the entry, and enjoy it with the “best” available quality.]

A bit hesitant on the synopsis; it could be good, but the main guy just sounds like an idiotic wimp with low self esteem. I couldn’t care less about his physical attributes, but I probably will make fun of it. What bothers me most is the insinuated servile personality he has going. I don’t care for bullies, and I don’t care for the bullied; it’s a pathetic cycle to me.
First Impressions: Opening

The song was decent; it’s called “Chase the world” by May’n. Seems a bit generic, but it fits the show.
First Impressions: Episode

Introducing our main protagonist: Generic Bully Victim #7. He’s bullied into buying the cool kids their lunch. On the side note, why the fuck is he so short. This is a romance anime too, why would I root for the cowardly midget. Oh well, enough hating aside, let’s move on.

After escaping the bullies, he enters a bathroom stall and uses his Direct Link to travel to the “digital world”.

Even if the storyline does end up sucking, the concept of the world itself is ridiculously cool. It appears to be a giant social network of sorts, you can design your own avatar, and interact with other people; I’m not sure if it’s limited to the school, or if it’s nation/worldwide.

He plays a game of “tennis” with himself. He initiates a rant, denouncing the real world; he’s much more free in the virtual world, nobody bullies him, and he doesn’t have a sluggish, slow body. In this world, he has the ability to be agile; the virtual world supersedes the real world in every aspect. Immediately after setting a new record, he’s interrupted by a friend at school. She tells him to log off, he refuses.

Since she’s a good friend, she enters the boy’s bathroom to manually link him out. Anyways, this action further develops the mechanic of the virtual world; it really is virtual. You cannot stay there indefinitely, your body remains in the real world, it’s not transferred to the virtual one. She advises him to turn the bullies in; he doesn’t really care to. I’m not sure if her attitude towards him is more so sympathy, pity, or compassion. He accidentally knocks over the lunch she made for him in refusal, which causes her to cry. He runs afterwards, hating himself.

He logs back onto the virtual world to escape the troubles with his current, on-going real life. When he returns to the “tennis” room, he discovers that somebody beat his score. This results in him, breaking down; the game was essentially the only thing he was good at; but since somebody superseded his score by such a huge margin, it corroded what low self esteem that he had. It’s assumed that she beat his score, she tells him to go to the lounge tomorrow at lunch, and leaves.

The next day at lunch, they link into a private conversation. Now, this action is usually only done between couples, so, it results in schoolgirl chatter in the foreground. He questions her motives, he believes it to be just another prank directed towards him, the bully victim. She replies by saying when viewed differently, it could be seen as that way, but, that’s not the reason for their meeting. She sends him an application, an application with the capability of reconstructing his reality completely. He heedlessly accepts it. Miraculously it works. She’s surprised by his audacity, he accepted it in a heartbeat. In the past, she hesitated for two minutes before accepting it.

The bully arrives, demanding his lunch. Kuro stands up for Arita, by wittily retorting his demands. The bully, incredulously infuriated, prepares to retaliate with violence; he punches Arita. Kuro, instructs him to use “Burst Link”.

“Burst Link” freezes time, and knocks his virtual avatar out of physical body. It’s then revealed that by being “accelerated”, rather than freezing time, you’re just “moving” and operating at a much faster pace, a thousand times faster to be precise. So, 1 second in the nonaccelerated world would be 1000 seconds, or 16.67 minutes [~16 minutes and 40 seconds] in the accelerated world. By using this newly found power, he can plan ahead.

So basically, in the “real world”, a punch to the face is imminent. He cannot simply accelerate time to walk somewhere else in the duration of 16 minutes and 40 seconds to save himself; it doesn’t work like that. But, he can prepare himself to retaliate against it. This crucial ability, along with a variety of newly-earned supernatural spells will essentially “reconstruct” his reality. He’s instructed to take the punch; he angrily retorts as to why. She informs him that this a crucial opportunity to get the bully into trouble, rather than vindicate him if he strikes back. Although hesitant at first, he accepts.

Prior to the deceleration, he was instructed to jump backwards, to maximize the cosmetic effect. Kuro, being an ingenious asset to not making him a mentally-hindered idiot, accentuated the bully’s actions, by feigning injury too. Nobody gives a damn about the Arita, but, by hurting Kuro, the coolest girl on campus, the bully’s essentially in deep shit. She congratulates him on a job well done through the mental link; she warns him to not log on to the global network, regardless of circumstance until tomorrow. She then tells him to take care of her from now on. Given this, he will find himself on the global network, through a series of unfortunate events.

He walks home with Chiyuri, the childhood friend that made him lunch. She questions him on whether he actually directly connected with Kuro. He confirms it; she replies with a barrage of “Hmm’s”. He prepares to apologize for yesterday’s incident, but, they’re interrupted by Taku, some guy.

He runs away after deducing that the bento was Taku’s idea: basically, the bento was through pity and sympathy, not compassion [or I’m using really mediocre, and ambiguous subtitles]. I dislike melodrama, but it is his character. I just have difficulty relating to the kid considering my current personality, but hey, I was probably like him in the past; but, that doesn’t mean I enjoy watching him needlessly and incessantly suffer.

He wakes up, it appears to be a normal day. He gets money from his mother for lunch, then exits. Suddenly, he accelerates. He assumes the character of the Silver Crow; I’m assuming that Accel World is very similar to how C: works. You’re given a bunch of benefits, but, you essentially participate in a survival game on a daily basis. The battle should occur in the next episode.
First Impressions: Concluding Thoughts
Wasn’t as bad as I expected. I’m really hoping that the romance, or Kuro’s actions are more so through self interest, than altruism. I’m hoping for an ulterior motive into aiding the guy, perhaps to use the guy as a meatshield, a pawn, anything of that nature; not just an act of benevolence on her behalf. Anyways, fuck this season, show’s aren’t that easy to drop.

Also, excuse the shit writing in this entry, half awake. Was out the entire day, so I’m somewhat exhausted.

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