First Impressions: Sankarea

So yeah, zombies.

First Impressions: Opening

I liked the song, just didn’t care for the singer that much. But it wasn’t bad. Song’s name is “Esoragoto”, it’s by nano.RIPE. But it does fit the mood of the show in a way. Fuck, I cannot commentate on “okay” or “decent” songs, nothing to say. But the entry overview looks like shit in WordPress unless this section is longer. So fuck it, I’ll fill it up needlessly. I need like another few more words to fill up the page.

First Impressions: Episode

It begins with an introduction the protagonist of the story, Furuya Chihiro. He watches a multitude of zombie films, but he doesn’t watch it for the gore. He watches it to essentially fantasize about a less-extreme necrophilia. His life-long dream is to meet a cute zombie in real life. Given the bizarre passion, it perplexes some of his friends, but, they remain his friends, because that’s what real friends do: hang out with the special kid to make themselves feel better.

He introduces his family, they live on a shrine. His father’s the head priest, while it’s presumed his senile grandfather’s retired. His sister does the bulk of the housework, because their mother died when he was young. All in all, not the best family to live with he admits, but he makes due with it; he’s happy with it, and he doesn’t feel lonely. They also took in a stray cat, who’s essentially a member of the family now.

One foggy day, the stray cat, Babu, was hit by a car. Although written to be humorous by me, it’s actually a very tragic event. It’s assumed that the cat was very close to him; it was hit by a presumably close, family friend. Such ambivalence confused his emotions as to what to do, but nevertheless, Babu died. He wanted to bury it at the temple, where it lived for the presumed majority of its life, but, the other parishioners denied them that, so, they buried it somewhere presumably close by.

I actually do like his partially apathetic commentary, it’s cool. He concludes that death is unfair, so, he’s going to try to resurrect it using some old, arcane tomes. Anyways, he heads to a presumably deserted building, and begins his ritual there. It’s a bit disturbing that he dug up the cat, but hey, if it’s necessary. He commences the spell, and leaves, waiting to return on the second day.

He then encounters a girl, the girl shown during the first scene of the episode. However immediately after her scream, he wakes up from bed, assumed to have been a dream.

He continues on with his ordinary day, he walks to school with his friends. However, he then sees the girl from the earlier scene, who’s presumably a zombie. Her name’s Sanka Rea, but he thinks nothing of it, she’s just another passerby to him.

He gets a visitor, Wanko. It’s assumed that she’s going to be part of inevitable love triangle. She’s presumed to also fuel his zombie passion, by watching zombie films; she doesn’t seem like the type to be genuinely passionate about zombies. So, she’s probably doing this because she likes him. He questions her about Sanka Rea, previously, he didn’t care much for her, just another passerby, but, he probably made a mental note. He asks her how Sanka Rea is like. She doesn’t know much about her, to her, Sanka Rea, is just the principal’s daughter. Anyways, she leaves, stating that her purpose for coming was to make him feel better, content that she did, she exits. He does not seem to care much for her, romantically that is; but then again, this guy’s apathetic 98.7% of the time. [the other 1.3% are towards zombies] It’s also revealed that they’re cousins. Well… cousin to cousin relationships aren’t exactly taboo in Japan, so that’s cool I guess.

He continues his quest to revive Babu, the beloved family cat.

Suddenly, a familiar, familiar scene emerges. It’s Sanka Rea again, cursing “No!”‘s to the bottom of the abysmal well. It’s revealed that she’s a Sanka; I’ll assume that Sanka = zombie. She wants to live, and then die; not live forever, seeing her friends pass away, with her in full health. She then declares that she wants her father to cease the act of taking nude pictures for science on her birthday [to record growth]. Given the “What the fuck did she just say” catalyst, the guy accidentally makes his presence obvious. It’s assumed that she’s yelling into the well, to alleviate her stress, kind of like a confession booth, without the priest having a field day on the other side.
Inaccuracies on my part. Sorry. She actually complains about the restrictions placed on her, she wants to be reborn as a new person, not as the sheltered,rich girl that she currently is. She wants to hang out with her friends. Not sure how to justify the nude pictures though. 

Either Commie’s amazing at translating, or this guy’s an awesome protagonist. He just says it so nonchalantly, so apathetically. He begins to question her, “Hey aren’t you…”

This guy is fucking amazing. He essentially leans back, not in embarrassment, but more so because she’s taking up the space, and he needs his room. This guy doesn’t care about humans, just zombies. He comforts her, after she learns that this isn’t the first time he’s seen her. He sympathizes with what she does, screaming in the middle of nowhere isn’t the most practical, but it works. She asks him if he’s here for the same thing; he tells her that he’s here to resurrect his cat.

He tells her that his goal isn’t the most practical, but he’s doing it anyways. She offers him her help. Since she has no pets at home due to her dad’s cleanness obsession, she wants to aid animals every once in a while. He asks her to be his guinea pig. But, that proposal was more so an offer to screw with her. He warns her to not be so gullible. He tells her that guys will probably, cheat on her, incessantly, given her demeanor. She tells him that she hasn’t had a boyfriend, so that wasn’t a very nice thing to say. She questions him on if he’s had any girlfriends, since he laughed at her situation; he tells her no, he doesn’t have an interest in living girls: he only likes zombie girls. Now, he essentially saying this to make her go, “Wow, this guy’s insane.”

He breaks his rigorous stance *ba dum tss*, at this proposal. He hasn’t been swayed prior to this, that easily at least. She tells him to think about it; he admits defeat. She tells him to come back here tomorrow.

First Impressions: Ending

She, Annabel, did the ending to Another. The song itself was decent, but it didn’t exactly fit the mood of the show. Much like the previous, this song, “Above your hand”, a calm song, doesn’t exactly fit the mood of an ecchi comedy. But hey, it may change, I liked the song.

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6 Responses to First Impressions: Sankarea

  1. Heisuke Matsudo says:

    Firstly, Sanka is her surname. That is, her complete name if written in English style would be Rea Sanka. Second, at this point in the anime (their first meeting in the abandoned building) she is still a human, not yet a zombie. However, before the ending song it implies her impending death and resurrection.

    • mdlolz says:

      Oh, thanks. The sub’s used Sanka Rea so I just followed along with it; and I did quite a bit of assuming on her already being a zombie due to the synopsis. Then wait, what was the entire rant towards the well about?

      • Heisuke Matsudo says:

        I think the Commie’s subs are a bit off… She was just complaining that she doesn’t want to be the daughter of the Sanka family because of her numerous restrictions (she’s basically a caged bird). While he was talking to Furuya she comments that, “I want to die. I want to die and be reincarnated as a different person”.

  2. mdlolz says:

    Ah, thanks, the ambiguity in translation throws me off, especially since I deduce and assume a significant amount of the information I write about.

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