First Impressions: Nazo no Kanojo X

Unique would be an understatement.

First Impressions: Episode

Here’s Tsubaki Akira, our everyday average normal guy. He’s a keen detective, and he lives with his sister.

Suddenly, a new transfer student, Urabe Mikoto. She’ll be the main heroine for the series. On the side note, I can’t tell if this art style, or the animation is making the anime seem early 2000ish. Anyways, she’s assigned to sit next to our protagonist, Akira.

Urabe falls asleep during lunch, much to the dismay of Akira, who believes that lunch is a time for consuming sustenance. The girls wake her up, by obnoxiously pestering her. They want to partake in the art of eating food with her. They would love to hear about her prior relations at her previous school since they’re classmates from now on. She disregards them, apologizes, then goes back to sleep.

After lunch, they learn about some advanced application of numbers. Brusquely, Urabe begins laughing. Her laughter causes her to fall onto the ground. The teacher frantically questions her on what’s wrong, she apologizes. Her reason for laughing was due to some obscure personal reason, in which she does not share the details of. The teacher scolds her saying that she shouldn’t have random, sporadic outbursts during class. She agrees. Given this unfortunate event, she gained the title of “wierdo”.

After school, Akira wakes Urabe up, telling her that school is over. She leaves the room; Akira then discovers, that her drool is visibly on the desk.

What the fuck am I watching again? He eats the saliva, because well, that’s the reasonable thing to do. It allows him to fully experience adulthood, and maturity. That night he has a dream; he dances with Urabe. Unlike most dreams, he remembered this one, and he remembered it vividly for the days afterword.

During PE, he collapses with a fever. Being the outstanding grunts that they are, his classmates carry him to the nurse. He stays home for several days, due to a high fever.

Much to his surprise, Urabe brings him the handouts for school [he expected one of his male acquaintances]. Much to his surprise once more, there aren’t any handouts. She jumps onto his bed, next to him, but not onto him. She tells him that what he has isn’t the common cold; she knows where he got it.
So wait, she deduces based off the facts of his prolonged absence, and their former encounter, to the conclusion of his being sick being caused by her saliva? She isn’t trying to berate him, she just needs an honest answer. She asks him if it was sweet. He confirms it. She tells him to open his mouth.

I must say, the soundtrack is much exquisite. I also must ask, what the fuck am I watching? Suddenly, his fever stops, he’s cured. She informs him of his addiction, her saliva is necessary for his salubrity. He passionately questions her on the reason, is it because of a bacteria, or a special chemical? She laughs at his bizarre inductions. She tells him that the matter at hand has little to do with bacteria, or chemicals; he’s not actually sick, just…lovesick.

“My saliva isn’t special or anything. Your body just ached for more saliva from the girl you love. That’s the reason behind your withdrawal symptoms. Back when you woke me up, and saw my face for the first time, you had a really surprised look on your face. Could that be, the moment you fell in love with me?”

Well shit, this is surely a unique watch. She leaves, and tells him to go to school tomorrow. He returns to school.

They walk home together. Before they split ways, Urabe gives Akira some of her saliva, you know, common courtesy. She tells him that she’ll see him tomorrow, and every day after that. Although this is a very unique romance, with little development; it’s not that bad, the original soundtrack is very fitting to the mood. They repeat this methodological process for days to come, he eventually really falls in love with her. He has another dream similar to the first one; upon awaking, he decides to tell Urabe something.

He confesses to her. This is surprising, an average guy with average self esteem, and common sense, is actually confessing to the girl on the first episode, of the first season. She tells him to approach her. He tries to kiss her, but she stops him, telling him to do it in a way that isn’t so conventional; she wants him to express it in a way that only he can. He doesn’t know what to do, he’s not creative enough to do so. She tells him that she’ll wait for him, regardless of how long it takes.

He gives her a picture of a girl that he’s been in love with since middle school. Probably the best idea. He tells her that he hasn’t been able to forget about her, so, he’s kept the picture in his wallet. But, ever since the day of saliva consumption, he forget of the existence of the said picture. So, this is how he’s approaching her; he obliterates the picture, then scatters it into the distance. He declares that he doesn’t need to hold onto old memories, because starting today, she’s his girlfriend.

When something pleases her greatly, she releases a prodigious amount of saliva. She asks him if he’s a virgin. He hesitates at first, which insinuates that he isn’t, but, to the relief of Urabe, he confirms that he is. She announces that she is too. She then questions him on if he remembers the first day of school, her random outburst.

He confirms that he does, she tells him the reason for her laughter: when staring at him, somebody, identity unknown, told her, that she was going to lose her virginity to him. Since then, she’s been waiting for his confession. She bids him farewell, and informs him of her being his girlfriend from now on.

First Impressions: Ending

I actually really liked the ending, it fit the mood of the anime so well.

First Impressions: Concluding Thoughts
I actually liked it far more than I thought I would, it’s a surprising watch. The OST really is great though, really exemplified the mood.

EDIT: After a couple of episodes, my stomach dislikes this anime.

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