First Impressions: Tasogare Otome X Amnesia

Looks a lot like Another. Let’s hope it’s not like Another.

Here’s a spoiler. It’s not.
First Impressions: Opening

Fuck, each review, I say I really liked the opening. I’m ridiculously easy to please when it comes to openings, the soundtrack on the other hand, that’s when I homogenize everything to being either shit or good. Anyhow, I did like the opening, the animation really did fit the show, and the emotions of the main heroine. Although Silver Link does adapts shitty shows for the most part [C³], they do very well on making average animation look above average. The song’s name is “CHOIR JAIL” by Konomi Suzuki.

First Impressions: Episode

Introduced to a character, she’s a detective of sorts. She has her trusty pen and notepad, along with a mug of what’s presumably coffee. She takes down notes, but she’s continuously trolled by a “poltergeist”, she plays it off with common sense, assuming that her delusions are a result of fatigue. It’s later revealed that her name is Okonogi Momoe, she’s under the “apprenticeship” of Niiya Teiichi.

There’s never a badass horror protagonist is there? It’s always the soft-spoken, nice guys. Anyways, Momoe tells Teiichi that there’s a poltergeist in the room. At first he confirms it, but he strays off the subject, then reassures her that she’s just imagining it. After a series of probable, coincidental events, she’s under the impression that Teiichi, is reading her mind. Then she does what anybody does, she plays the, “Give me a sign if you’re reading my mind” game. Needless to say, another series of probable, coincidental events ensue.

Another person, Kanoe Kirie is introduced. She blames Teiichi for scaring Momoe; Momoe continues playing the game. Momoe loses the game once more, as Teiichi replies. It’s presumed that he’s talking to the poltergeist in the background, rather than replying to Momoe. Momoe catches on, onto the fact that Teiichi is communicating with the poltergeist, rather than fueling her game. Kirie scolds Teiichi for encouraging her, he can’t exactly help it. I’m assuming the poltergeist is a female, or a very feminine male due to Teiichi’s reactions.

They commune the meeting. The president’s absent once more, revealed to be “sick”. Momoe recites her notes: there’s been an influx of strange, paranormal occurrings at school. The first suspicious occurring is a retired lunch cart elevator moving about; rumors say, “a student who pinched his neck and died haunts the elevator and continues to move it.”Suddenly, the elevator moves, causing Momoe to go hysteric. Then the poltergeist from earlier, presumably shoves Niiya into the elevator, much to the dismay of Momoe.

Totally saw this coming, the scene then shifts to an array of flashbacks, showing what actually happened.I enjoyed the ensuing scene far too much; it’s a welcome break from the epitome of a shit horror series, Another.

Anyhow, the flashbacks, or alternate retelling catches up to the current events. After shoving him in, the “poltergeist” follows him in. There, they do stuff. It’s later revealed that her name is Kanoe Yuuko. She shares some feelings with him.

“You’re the only one who will ever touch me. The others never feel it when I touch them. They won’t listen when I talk to them. They see right through me. My existence, my actions… Everything about me lies beyond human awareness. I’m a being nobody gives a passing thought to, like a stone on the street.– Lonely? I don’t really understand loneliness. What I do understand is happiness.”

They emerge from the elevator after the exchange of dialogue. It’s assumed that Kirie can see her too. Momoe deduces that the actions occurring are a result of Yuuko, the poltergeist, or in her eyes, the school legend.

They arrive at the alleged site of burial. Yuuko affirms that she’s never seen the gravestone before, Teiichi believes her because her body is buried beneath the club room. Momoe accepts that possibility, but further deduces that the stone may have been a result of a past lover’s fervor. Yuuko kicks the gravestone over, which results in Momoe, going hysteric.

Yuuko appears to be suffering some sort of memory loss, she doesn’t remember the previous sight, but this new one, is oddly familiar.

First Impressions: Concluding Thoughts
This season blows, I don’t want these many decent shows. If this was Fall 2011, I’d only have to do Fate/zero. Winter 2011, I’d have three. This season? Just fucking twelve. Fucking twelve entries. 24 hours of work a week. That’s 1/7 days of my week being spent on entries. I may have to kill my traditional episodic review paradigm, and do a weekly, review for all the shows, and more in-depth ones for the ones that need it. Not sure, open to suggestions. Anyways, I probably enjoyed this show far more than I did Another, just off the first episode. Another was a shitty melodramatic series, I’m surprised Tasogare has a lower MAL rating; all Another did during the first episode was introduce a eye-patched moe pirate followed by sporadic flashes of dolls.

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