On-going Thoughts: Zetman 2/13

Feeling much more like a superhero anime.

On-going Thoughts: Episode

This week’s episode occurs after a time-skip, of about ten years or so. Jin’s still protecting people, albeit in a rather unique way. He deters trouble, rather than stop it, but, to do that, he has to be around trouble. Akemi, Jin’s caretaker, has given up the profession of stripping companionship, presumably because of Jin; she now operates a much less profitable, food stand. Jin aspires to aid her financially, but, she stresses the need for education.

The scientists are still looking for Jin, they’ve attempted to find him; they’ve even considered making a new one, but, they still need the original regardless.

It’s also assumed that Jin’s relationship with Konoha hasn’t been the closest. I’m assuming her grandfather forbidding contact between them is a huge component to that. Kouga, Konoha’s brother, seems to have taken on soccer, but, he hasn’t relinquished his sense, and fervor for justice. Konoha encounters her grandfather, flashbacks of abuse occur; it’s assumed that they no longer live together. After the awards assembly, Konoha tells Kouga of her encounter with Jin; he’s exhilarated. Kouga appears to be a vigilante of sorts, engulfed in an ardent sense of naive justice.

In this episode, Kouga is chasing a serial arsonist. He’s utilized the aid of the employees from the company; this effectively bestows upon him, a menagerie of high-tech equipment. His mindset seems to be awfully linear; he intends to focus on the capture of the arsonists at all costs, considering the possible civilian casualties as negligible. He’s caught up in the glamour, the renown of being a superhero, rather than the deficits, the consequences that inevitably entail.

Kouga arrives at the scene, to find Jin in combat against the arsonist. Ironically, after a quick reunion, they encounter a room of victims; Kouga, quickly changes the priorities, superseding the capture of the arsonist, with the rescue of the civilians. Jin begins to argue with Kouga; Kouga wants to leave the mother behind, saving the children. Jin, intends to save them all [his childhood experiences play an integral factor]. Kouga follows a pragmatic style of reasoning, save the ones that you can. Jin, follows an all or nothing type of reasoning, if they survive, then they survive together; if they die, then they die together.

They split up afterwards, Kouga encounters firemen; while Jin leaves to fight the player arsonist. Kouga leads the firemen to the civilians; they all survived due to Jin’s brash plan. Kouga assumes the credit. Jin transforms into the Charisma then defeats the arsonist, but, much like the previous episode, collapses afterward.

Jin is transferred to the hospital; words are exchanged between Kouga and his grandfather; he aspires to continue his strain of justice, while the grandfather asserts that power precedes justice. The episode ends with the grandfather discovering Jin being ZET, and his auntie, or Akemi being killed.

On-going Thoughts: Ending

For some reason, this ending song suited this episode, a lot. I liked it, it felt “right”. The song’s name is “Tomeru” by You Hitoto.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts

I did this entry a bit differently, the summarized version of the summary in other words. It’s a lot faster to do it this way. I may do these type of entries from now on; but that usually results in slice of life, comedies, having short entries. Anyways, this episode was good. Jin’s character is a bit ambiguous as of right now; it isn’t farfetched to assume that he’s bipolar. He’s not exactly the hero, but he’s definitely not the villain; his actions hasn’t transcended into being an antihero, so, he can shift in any direction.

Also, the OST really shined in this episode. It felt like a god damn superhero show.

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  1. grek14 says:

    If it’s easier for you to handle so many series that way I see no problems with shorter reviews.

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