On-going Thoughts: Medaka Box 2/12

Two new cases.

On-going Thoughts: Episode

Medaka introduces the Medaka Box, essentially a suggestion box, it’s also a box for requests. The first mystery involves a underclassman track member; her shoes are being sabotaged. She’s receiving letters pestering her to quit the team. Medaka deduces based off the information, and comes up with the prime suspect: an upperclassman who was denied entry to the same team as the underclassman. Given this, she was probably faced with a fit of jealousy, that motivated her to sabotage the underclassman.

They confront the upperclassman, her inner monologue confirms that she did indeed do it, but she denies it blatantly in dialogue. Medaka, after chasing her around the school, believes her, and compliments her on her running abilities. This kindness essentially guilt trips the upperclassman; Zenkichi, the male protagonist, affirms that he does know her guilt, but decides to leave it be, given Medaka’s decision. Medaka wants to trust her classmates.

Later on, the underclassman receives a message. The message is an apology note, along with new shoes, presumably from the upperclassman. A new case emerges for Medaka and Zenkichi; a lost dog. Zenkichi jumps at the offer to attempt to solve the case by himself, Medaka and animals do not get along, so, this is the best chance opportunity for him to shine. Unfortunately, that doesn’t turn out so well, he asks Medaka for assistance.

Medaka doesn’t hate animals, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. She loves animals, but it’s animals that “dislike” her. Zenkichi noted that animals don’t blatantly hate Medaka, it’s just instinct to cower in fear when you’re in the presence of such an omnipotent being. Medaka attempts to capture the dog, but alas, she fails. They eventually manage to rescue the dog, and return it to its owner.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts
I liked the episode, it’s more development on Medaka. The way Medaka Box develops the characters is primarily through Zenkichi’s inner monologue, similar to a visual novel; they pair slice of life, comedic scenarios, with serious topics at hand. Enjoyable episode.

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