On-going Thoughts: Sankarea 2/13

More zombies.

Hey, I’m grek14, I’ll be helping out with reviews on Sankarea due to the influx of anime airing this season.
I hope you enjoy them.

On-going Thoughts: Episode

The episode essentially starts off with our protagonist and Rea talking about which plant to try next to complete the potion, but he runs out of ideas. Suddenly, Rea runs off because she suddenly has an idea; the scene shifts to a flashback showing the relationship between Rea and her father. He practically took away everything she liked and also “fired” all the maids who were nice to her [he’s possessive]. The only constant was her mother, Aria, who always acted cold towards her. Then, we see firsthand the creepy “nude picture for growth record” phenomenon mentioned during the first episode. She becomes extremely frustrated with the way her father treats her.

After making her first friend, who is from a respected family, [therefore permitted by her father] Rea realizes that her assumption revolving everyone hiding their suffering behind smiles and laughter was wrong; she was just born in the wrong family [She encounters first hand that a family can be functional]. Rea tells her friend about the problems she has with her father, she advises her to stand up to him, but Rea assumes that wouldn’t be safe.

Back at the deserted building, Furuya wonders what’s taking Rea so long. He looks outside the window, met with the glance of seeing her climb up a steep cliff. She almost falls down, but, she is barely saved by him. This action was essentially for some plants she saw on top of the hill. After that, Rea tells him that she wants to be resurrected as a zombie.

Another flashback, Rea tells her father to stop the “growth records”. He refuses, but instead, her friend has to transfer due to her father being forced to resign. As a result, Rea decides that if her own misfortune will lead to happiness of others, then being unhappy is probably the wisest choice.

Furuya and Rea attempt to make the potion using the hydrangea they got earlier. She hands the finished potion to him after secretly putting aside some in a phial for herself. He tries it on Babu, but apparently, it doesn’t work. He feigns defeat, and decides to let Babu finally rest; he decides to bury him together with Rea on the next day. They attempt to part ways, but since Rea has a twisted ankle due to the prior event, he gives her a ride home on his bicycle instead. Rea’s father sees them part, and reprimands her with a slap.

When Furuya gets back home Wanko suspects him and investigates. After a brief struggle, she gets a hold of the box with Babu inside; she opens it. Surprisingly, it turns out that the potion did work ;it just took a while.

As a consequence of her misadventures, Rea’s father tells her she’s forbidden to leave the house. Engulfed by grief and desperation, she takes the potion with the mindset of “Even if it doesn’t make me a zombie, it’ll kill me, it’s poison.”

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts
I liked the episode; it has good plot development. The characters also are kind of unique.
I look forward to see what they have in store for us in the next episode.

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One Response to On-going Thoughts: Sankarea 2/13

  1. Joe says:

    Nice review, I also liked that episode but I don’t think that there is much potential in the plot. Also the author has shown in previous Animes that he is not able to create an ongoing story.
    all the best ;)

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