On-Going Thoughts: Tasogare Otome X Amnesia 2/12

Kawaii Yuuko at her finest.

Hello everyone! I’m okthxbaii and I will be assisting mdz by blogging Tasogare Otome X Amnesia. I look forward for you all to read my posts!

On-going Thoughts:  Episode

The episode opens up with a very brief narration of the school. The opening then starts. Might I just add how fucking beautiful Yuuko looks in this opening and the sequence itself is pretty brilliantly crafted. The episode continues with Teiichi Niiya roaming the halls of his new school. From reading the manga, I feel this episode should have been before the first episode, since this is the introduction to everything.

Yuuko suddenly appears before our protagonist, scaring the shit out of him. Teeichi constantly remembers the rumors he heard and realizes Yuuko is the ghost that the rumors mentioned. After Teiichi has a few handfuls of breasts, Yuuko explains she has died, but has amnesia and doesn’t remember why she died. Yuuko then shows Teiichi the uniform she wore before she died, revealing her magnificent, but cut off breasts.

Yuuko reveals to us that the land the school was built on was haunted and to ward off any spirits, she was trapped and sacrificed in the old school building. Caught in the moment, Teiichi finds Yuuko’s body behind a mirror. Yuuko melts down after realizing he’s seen her corpse, though she was completely fine with him viewing her tits.

I really appreciate these kawaii scenes of Yuuko, though I realize everyone is going to rage over the fact that this show is lacking a plot. Yuuko then decides to establish a club, The Paranormal Investigations Club. Teiichi decides he wants to help Yuuko recover her memory of how she died, so he begins researching the school. Another main character is introduced as she comes storming into the room asking for help, Okonogi Momoe.

Momoe reveals to us that she tried an old ritual called “hide the demon.” In this game, someone puts the name of someone on a stuffed animal and tells them they want to play. The person counts to ten, and stabs the stuffed animal. Then, it is time for the individual to hide and the only way to end the game is to tell the doll that the game is over. The doll ultimately disappeared, so now Momoe seems to think that she will be pursued by Yuuko (who’s name she wrote on the doll) for life. Yuuko sends Momoe off with a charm, and it is revealed that Yuuko took the doll herself.

The writers then attempt to make this show serious by carring out ghostbusting. Teiichi finds Momoe and they run from a disguised Yuuko to put the case to rest and satisfy Momoe.  Yuuko’s boobs then jiggle alot The case is solved and it cuts to the next day. Momoe appears again and thanks Teiichi for helping her, and we are left with a jealous Yuuko.

On-going Thoughts: Ending

Not entirely impressed, but not displeased either. For some reason, the sky at the end of the sequence really captures my attention. Anyway the ending is called Calendrier and it is by Aki Okui.

On-going Thoughts:  Concluding Thoughts

The plot of this show is ultimately slowly turning into a train wreck just like I assumed it would be.  Honestly, I particularly could give a fuck less as long as Yuuko looks adorable each and every week.  Very pleased with the seiyuu line up for this show and very impressed with their abilities.  I love how they brought Momoe to life and I actually prefer her a bit more in the anime so far than I do in the manga.  The graphics are pretty top notch in my own opinion.  So in the end, what have we learned from this episode?  The sky looks pretty and Yuuko is adorable as fuck.

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I like cute girls that do cute things.
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9 Responses to On-Going Thoughts: Tasogare Otome X Amnesia 2/12

  1. Anonymous says:

    very one dimensional writing. I expected more from MDZ.

  2. okthxbaii says:

    How can there be any sort of other dimension of writing with this show? It’s obvious from the first five minutes of this anime that it is nothing but a character show. Assuming you’ve read the manga, it is the same as well. There is no plot in this show whatsoever, therefore there is nothing intelligent to contribute, therefore I find my writing style just fine for this.

    • Anonymous says:

      Everything is open to interpretation, what you did was some poorly done humor that can’t even be considered slap stick, it’s on a lower tier. It’s like comedy porn that isn’t funny. There is much more to be said about this show than what you did. And swearing is fine and all but you simply did it because you had nothing else to contribute. Aside from that you had a number of simple grammatical mistakes that made this quite the displeasure to read. Being an avid reader of this blog this left a bad taste in my mouth. You didn’t keep up with the precedent these bloggers have set, instead you did your own thing which would be fine if your writing wasn’t so peasant. I understand this may be your first time writing, but writing is a skill. Start off with a diary before moving onto blogs where people can actually read your shit.

      • okthxbaii says:

        Comedy is a very subjective thing, my friend. I wasn’t trying to be funny. Like I said before, this is nothing but a character show. There is NOT much more to be said about this show actually. I keep up with the manga as well and though it is a great adaption, the series as a whole, as far as plot is concerned, is flat. There are so many holes and sure, I could sit here and depict everything that is wrong with the plot and the show as a whole. I believe though, that how critical and negative someone blogs about as show, that it influences the reader’s emotion about the show. I blog out of enjoyment and opinion. If I would have stuck to blogging Sakamichi no Apollon as well, you would have seen a different side of my blogging abilities. Sorry that I don’t take a strictly character based show seriously. Don’t like how I blog? Don’t read my posts. It’s really that simple. I only am blogging this show because MDZ asked me to due to his inability to keep up with everything this season. Sorry for leaving a bad taste in your mouth, even though I honestly don’t give two shits.

        tl;dr > Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

  3. Anonymous says:

    What? I’m not asking you to squeeze blood from a stone here, that one paragraph of thoughts by MDZ far exceeded any analysis or writing that you have done. What you’re saying is beyond banal. And then you have the gall to say it’s the show that you were given’s fault. No it fucking isn’t. There are billions of people who can write about this better than you. I didn’t ask you to write about the plot, if it’s a character show write about the characters, if you don’t want to do that write about another point of analysis in the show, you can literally hit this at any angle.
    It’s like you just use blogging as an excuse to say tits 100 times like you’re masking homosexuality. And you’re not blogging for yourself you cunt, you’re blogging for the readers of this blog. Like I said, if you don’t give two shits write a fucking diary. Also You do not have the talent required to sway emotions.

    • okthxbaii says:

      Boku never stated that boku was GIVEN this show, boku chose it on my own free. Boku just enjoy blogging about how kawaii Yuuko is~ Mainly because boku keep up with manga and boku wanted to input on how it is as an adaption. As far as me blogging about boobs, in all honesty, it’s a joke. Boku read several mediocre blogs in which they blog fanservice shows like this and only discuss the fanservice desu~ Truth be told, mdz doesn’t really mind either desu~

      So if boku understand correctly, you want me to compare the contents of this anime to others like mdz? Boku feel that if you do that, you are ultimately developing a biased especially if you are comparing it to something that is very shitty. Boku try to keep a neutral standing as far as judgement of the show nya~ Boku not blogging for me, but boku do apologize.

      Omatese! Boku try to service and appease your elitist needs next time goujoujisama desu~

      • Anonymous says:

        I see what you were going for with that, but you failed. You can’t even pretend to be a weeaboo correctly. It’s not even about using boku which means my instead of watashi which means I, or misspelling goshujin sama, or the piss poor grammar throughout the whole thing. It’s just obviously falisfied the tone is off, you can’t do anything write.Do you know what the word bias even means? Jeez louise, you’re an idiot.
        And to clarify I wasn’t asking you to do what MDZ does, as in the comparison to other shows. I was just asking you to write at the level MDZ writes. Anyway I’m done with your shit. You suck I’ll be avoiding your entires from now on.

  4. Anonymous says:

    pun not intended but it works.

  5. okthxbaii says:

    Dewd I wuv how u jus essplaned 2 me on how 2 b a weaboo, nigga y u suh weaboo nigga.

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