On-going Thoughts: Jormungand 2/12

Still ridiculously enjoyable

On-going Thoughts: Episode

Koko appears to be on a mission, she’s irritated due to communication issues; there’s an interference. They get shot by a RPG; they discover that there’s currently a battle over the pipeline. After further investigation, they discover that the GSM cell phone base station was heavily damaged; this caused the mediocre reception. The destruction of the base station essentially ensconces the base from satellite imagery — no one knows about the battle.

It turns out that the RPG was fired “accidentally” by the militant group that Koko is selling arms to. She sits down with the major, but quickly senses something off. She anticipates another order; this is bad because she probably won’t get paid for it; the militant group cannot win the war. Needless to say, he quickly brings up further orders for a radar unit. They’re interrupted by the arrival of Mr.Currie, the head of the British CCAT; he’s presumably working as an arms dealer– he sold stingers to the militant group. Koko attempts to deny the offer feigning ignorance to the attainment of the radar units, but Mr.Currie drags her in by bringing up her father, Floyd Hekmatyar, a shipping magnate. This “favor” by him, essentially gets repaid later on in the episode.

Koko accepts the offer in person, but she doesn’t have intentions of carrying it out. The reason? It’s a Catch-22, she can’t win. If she denies them the units, they may retaliate; if she gives it to them, chances are, the battle over the pipeline will continue onward without end. The pipeline presumably contains oil, or in other words, money. The militant group is essentially broke, she only gets paid if they win. The major anticipates Koko’s common-sense plan, and grants her two “elite” escorts.

An escort verbally assaults Koko, berating her for fueling the war, by giving weapons to them. He denounces her “educated”, privileged upbringing. She replies.

“I’m just your average merchant. I never went to any proper sort of school, not to mention university. But I spent more time with my goods than you did on your way to becoming one of his “top men.” Just seeing my goods n the hand of someone playing soldier like you is as depressing as asking fish what flight is. Shut up unless I ask for the way.”

She retorted really well. She starts off by disproving his accusations, or the basis for his argument against her. She then caustically rejoins, giving her the new edge in the argument. She finishes it off by shutting him down completely, by silencing him in order to nullify the inevitable defense.

Her backup arrives; she orders them to not kill the escorts. Elsewhere, the bodyguards for the British CCAT head kills the escorts. That move will hurt them later on.

The British CCAT meets up with Koko, he asks to join forces; the militant group is after them; they’re after Koko for skipping out of the shipment, and on the CCAT as retaliation for the deaths of the escorts. She accepts, but, she has a plan up her sleeve. She sends out one of her troops to scout, and he sends out one of his.

The one of the left is gay for Koko, while the one on the right works for Mr. Currie; she killed the escort needlessly out of anger [Contrary to Koko, Mr.Currie made a successful deal with the group, his escorts were legitimate escorts, not leashes.] The one on the right wants to test Sofia’s abilities. Sofia effortlessly defeats her opponent; she lectures her on the topic of carrying too many weapons. After the battle, they proceed to actually scout. Elsewhere, the major gives orders to prioritize Koko’s capture over Mr. Currie’s; this is met with unfavorable results because the belligerents are more concerned with retribution.

Koko’s team of ten, surrenders on the arrival of the militant forces. They then announce the presence of Mr. Currie’s team of three inside the building. Blinded by a vengeful fervor, the militants ignore Koko and storm the building. This results in Koko and her team escaping without difficulty.

Since it’s a quasi-dark show, Mr. Currie and pals survive.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts

Really liked the episode. Probably just fanboyin’ White Fox, but it was enjoyable. Perhaps not the most accurate, or serious, but nevertheless, enjoyable.

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