On-going Thoughts: Sankarea 3/13

Zombie cats are awesome.

On-going Thoughts: Episode

It starts with a short recap of what happened in the prior episode. He contemplates that it may have been his last chance to save her, but, they both kept silent on the entire ride home.

Rea awakes, she’s still alive after drinking the potion. She decides to put up with it and heads down to the dining room for breakfast.  Like usual, her mother acts really cold towards her and tells her to not do something like that again, since it could reflect badly on her. Rea’s father apologizes for hitting her, but still insists on her being homeschooled for the time being. The butler comes into the room with news, his father ushers her back to her room, to change out of her school uniform. She then eavesdrops on a conversation between her father and his butler. The butler has found out Furuya’s identity and obtains the task to punish him by cutting of his dick. Well, what a nice guy… [As we all know, during the last episode, a friend of Rea’s “influenced” her to rebel, this resulted in her father screwing over the family of Rea’s friend.]

Meanwhile at Furuya’s place, Wanko and Furuya’s sister ramble on about how he has done something wrong with resurrecting Babu. Wanko worries about the possibility of Babu attacking people and turning them to zombies, but Furuya reassures her that only happens in manga. Babu runs off, but, he is followed by our protagonist and Wanko in a joint attempt to catch him. The dementia-afflicted grandfather comes out and questions the on-going events. Furuya’s sister tells him that Babu supposedly came back to life but, she herself believes that he’s trying to sell them an impostor. Her grandfather is immediately filled with enthusiasm.

“Oh! I see! Babu’s alive again! Very good, very good!”

I just love this old man.

They follow Babu through the city; he jumps into a canal tube, but, they still pursuit him.

Rea, driven by a sense of obligation, escapes to warn Furuya. Her mother sees her, but, she doesn’t tell on her. It seems that she may even be trying to protect her. [MDZ’s here, I really do think there’s much more going on between Rea’s father and his mother; I doubt it’s just meager jealousy.]

In pursuit of Babu, Wanko gets stuck in the canal; Furuya doesn’t notice ignores her and continues. He surprisingly emerges out of the tunnel at the foot of the Sanka mansion.

Rea approaches some friends of Furuya to ask about his whereabouts, however they can’t help her. She proceeds her search to warn him, but gets spotted by the butler.

Furuya ends up at the foot of the mountain where Rea first attained the hydrangea; Babu’s eating some. Perhaps he needs them to stay alive as a zombie? Rea’s now on top of the mountain, with the intentions to meet Furuya if she waits at the old building. Her Father turns up to take her home, but,she doesn’t want to and tells him to stop being so greedy; she wants some freedom [This is the first time that she resisted physically, when her father made the gesture to touch Rea, she slapped his hand away.] He ignores the plea, and drags her, but, Babu jumps up to aid her. Rea is surprised to see the cat alive and wonders if Furuya managed to complete the potion, or even, if the last one worked. Her father attempts to hit Babu [He feigned allergies, but the look in his eyes was that of pure fear; it could be, or it could be something else], but, Rea protects him and as a result falls of the cliff. She is impaled by a stone spike and apparently dies [This scene was ridiculously contradictory to the mood of the show, it was pretty brutal, not explicitly bad due to TV-air censoring, but, the bluray should be ridiculously interesting.]. After a few seconds of grief she gets up, now as a zombie and tells Furuya to live up to his word, since he promised to love her if she were a zombie. He promises to do so.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts
Still enjoying how they are doing things.
I hope to see more of the grandfather; he’s cool.

MDZ; Like grek said, this show is still ridiculously enjoyable. Probably one of the more enjoyable ones this season; it’s ironic. You introduce a genre revolving around a quasi-necrophiliac, and a pretty girl, laced with the ecchi, and you would ultimately expect utter shit. But, Sankarea’s protagonist manages to stay level-headed, reasonable, and all together, just a likable character; Sanka Rea on the other hand, she’s just adorable, that’s about all. I’m really curious as to what will happen from now on, it could be a genre shift. Just a bit curious as to how a relationship with a zombie is going to work; I probably wouldn’t have minded Sanka Rea as just another generic, living romance between a sheltered girl, and a likable guy.

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