First Impressions: Hyouka

The one on the far right is vaguely reminiscent of a chipmunk.

First Impressions: Opening

Different people are captured by different things, when it comes to anime, nothing pulls me in like a good soundtrack. Tis’ the case with the opening to Hyouka, I really liked it. Anyways, I finished the first episode; a summary followed by commentary doesn’t seem to fit a slice of life. So instead, I’ll give my half-assed analyses speculations. The opening song’s name is called Yasashisa no Riyuu and it’s by Choucho. She did the openings to Mashiro-iro Symphony (Anime) and Kamisama mo Memochou.

Character Analyses

Houtarou Oreki

Our main protagonist; I liked his character. From what I’ve seen, he appears to be the pragmatic, “lethargic” type; he tries to avoid activities that drain energy. He’s pragmatic given his deductions, and predictions, although far from being a genius, he takes the practical approach, over the supernatural, otherworldly one. That was the case with the first locked-door mystery; rather than chase a malicious perpetrator, he goes for the common-sense route, and assumes the incident to be an accident. When Fukube was telling his quasi ghost story, Oreki insisted on correcting him on the position of the sun, given the prior day’s weather.
I’m not quite sure what his motivation is; he claims to do things by necessity, yet, he willingly set up a “grand adventure” to inspire the curious mind of Chitanda. On another note, he’s notably lethargic, but, he doesn’t mind or hate those with enthusiasm, such as Chitanda. There could be a multitude of reasons, but as of right now, I’m assuming that it’s due to his pragmatic nature; it wouldn’t be logical to impress everybody to your beliefs, or behavior, so, you would keep your own beliefs to yourself, while letting others freely exercise theirs. Well shit, that’s all I have on this guy, it may be accurate, or it may be bullshit that I formulated. He joined the Classics Club because his sister asked him too; if he declined, physical retaliation would have been inevitable.

Chipmunk Eru Chitanda

Our main heroine; similar to every other female heroine, but, she’s still likable. She’s the single daughter of the Chitanda family, one of the oldest families. They share the title of the Exponential Four with three other families. Her reason for joining the Classics Club seems to be unknown; she claims it to be personal, but since it’s Kyoto Animation, she’ll probably tell Oreki eventually, so, till then, it’s pure speculation.
I can’t really say much for her character, she scores extremely high on exams, but, she’s not the logical type; this could be a facade, or it could be “Fuck it, it’s anime” writing. I hope that it isn’t the latter, but, she’s yet to be developed. Besides looking adorable, she doesn’t have much to offer, but I’m relatively fine with that.

Satoshi Fukube

Our main protagonist’s friend; he seems to be the type of person to play psychologist. He incessantly tries to force Oreki out of his “shell”; but, he’s usually met with failure. Unlike Oreki or Chitanda, he joined the club because it was fun; but, there’s probably a deeper reason to that. I can’t say much else; but, he does seem to genuinely care for Oreki if that means anything; he doesn’t give off the bipolar personality vibe. He serves as the antithesis to Oreki’s character; I’ll assume that Oreki is going to become more like Fukube; it’s similar to how Tomoya from Clannad, become more similar to Nagisa after being exposed to “pure bliss and happiness”. I really do need to do a huge entry analyzing Clannad eventually, probably during the summer.

First Impressions: Concluding Thoughts

It’s Kyoto Animation, they do good series. Whether that’s Key carrying them, or whether it’s genuine skill, I really don’t know; I’m more of a Key fanboy, which at times, results in me being a Kyoto Animation fanboy too. I did enjoy the first episode, and I really do hope it’s not a pure slice of life, I want some drama, some interaction, and perhaps romance; similar to the first season of Clannad, that shitty show had slice of life with heartwarming emotional shit which made the shitty show a good and enjoyable watch.

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