On-going Thoughts: Tasogare Otome X Amnesia 3/12

Cute Yuuko strikes again!

On-Going Thoughts:  Episode

Teiichi and Yuuko share a “romantic” moment on the roof at school. Yuuko then undresses and I become envious it didn’t show her naked body.

Teiichi recieves a piece of paper in his locker and is greeted by Yuuko in her amazingly adorable summer outfit. Teiichi runs off like a bitch and finds that the letter is from someone who can see Yuuko. Teiichi meets with the girl who wrote the letter and surely enough, she looks just like Yuuko, but with shorter hair.

The girl warns Teiichi to stay away from Yuuko, informing him with a very dramatic speech. Teiichi is found by Yuuko who displays the cute little anime “I’m going to catch a cold! Acho!”

Yuuko and Teiichi go back to change and some much needed fanservice of Yuuko is displayed. The girl from earlier interrupts Teiichi from sticking it in Yuuko and scolds him. The girl informs Teiichi that she can see Yuuko’s true form, rotten flesh and all. Teiichi runs scared with the girl to add another girl to his harem.

The girl informs us her name is Kirie Kanoe and is a relation of Yuuko. Kirie informs us that Yuuko was her grandmother’s elder sister, making her Kirie’s great aunt. Kirie sees Yuuko as an evil that wants to attach herself to Teiichi, and finally Yuuko reappears, but not in her cute form.

They run from Yuuko and make their way into the room which her body lies. Suddenly, Yuuko appears again and scares Kirie into running downstairs. Yuuko starts her cute and sad little monologue as if Teiichi is going to abandon her.  Teiichi remembers how Yuuko looked before and she transforms back into cute Yuuko. Teiichi runs back down to take a look at Yuuko’s remains again with Kirie this time. Teiichi sees that her leg was broken and assumes she had broken it and grown weaker and weaker. He then contridicts himself and asks if it really was an accident. Kirie runs off and we’re left with something following her.

Kirie then walks in on a club meeting and officially joins. Her and Teiichi decide to find out how Yuuko was actually murdered.

On-Going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts

This episode was shit as far as plot was concerned. I felt the introduction of Kirie was well done compared to the manga. As far as how this show is going as a whole? Traveling the path to trainwrecked anime as we speak. There is nothing redeeming about this show whatsoever as far as plot goes and it certainly isn’t a horror or psychological like alot of people tend to think. This is simply a character show and it will be until the very end. So I will be over here fanboying over Yuuko until that day comes.


MDZ: I agree with the mediocre plot. This was ridiculously reminiscent of C³; it followed the shits and giggles -> shits and giggles -> more shits and giggles -> sporadic melodrama -> shits and giggles pattern. I don’t exactly care for when that happens, drama should be built, not forced for obligated sympathy. And yeah, this is a character show, there isn’t a plot. It doesn’t seem to be an “intelligent” slice of life either, just a romantic comedy. However, this is still far better than C³ and Another, why? Because as of right now, Tasogare doesn’t try to play the show as being “serious” the shits and giggles atmosphere is fairly blatant, C³ tried to incorporate an actual storyline, while Another tried to implement elements of horror. C³ did a half-assed, generic mediocre job with that; while Another created the archetype for a horror parody. But as of this episode, Amensia is a shits and giggles romantic comedy, not a serious show.

On-Going Thoughts: Downloads

Just adding a download link for the song. It has a cool instrumental I suppose; I like the song. Yeah.. it’s called CHOIR JAIL by Komoni Suzuki.

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