On-going Thoughts: Jormungand 3/12

Physics doesn’t like you either Jormungand.

On-going Thoughts: Episode

The episode began with essentially the laziest twenty seconds of animation. It was incessant gunfire on loop, followed by a horizontal pan of the desert. There wasn’t even gunfire animated yo. I’m assuming that this’ll change in the blu-ray release; seems remarkably lazy.

Anyways, an eccentric pair is introduced; essentially the redneck, less-classier version of Miria and Isaac. They have less style in their shenanigans, and they really like using musical metaphors. That’s either a result of a shitty translation, or an intended oddity. They’re presumably assassins, for presumably, the Mafia; they’re executing, and torturing a mafia bigshot, whom is accused of loitering money. Jormungand seems to be episodic, a mission every episode; there isn’t a primary, or recurring storyline as of yet. Not necessarily a bad thing, but something concrete would be good for a series like this.

Koko attempts to school Jonah on arithmetic; being tactically-minded, impulsive, and not precise, he only gives brief estimates [fairly descriptive words such as “alot” and “around thirty”]. They go over the assassin roster, unbeknownst to them, the male from the earlier pair is on it. They identify the group of musical assassins as “The Orchestra”; there was once eight, but seven are dead, so, there’s only one left, that guy from earlier. The chick he was with is presumably an assistant, a one-time conspirator, or a new member. Koko leaves with eyepatch chick; they’re going to town. Jonah stays to learn basic arithmetic.

Jonah excuses himself to use the bathroom; needless to say, flashbacks of past dates, and cold dinners haunts the guy. Filled with newfound confidence, he approaches the bathroom. Much like every other past date, the person left via the bathroom. [Slightly dramatized]

The assassins are presumably after Koko. The male instructs the female on the proper way to be an assassin. Her hat blocks her field of vision, since they’re not panning for landmines in a metropolitan environment, having your focus on the ground is pointless. Unfortunately for him, he gave her the hat; she wears it due to that. Either a one-sided relationship, or the guy’s playing tsundere. Jonah appears to have noticed, and recognized the pair from earlier [When Koko was leisurely panning through the roster].

The fuck? When did watches match nerd girls? That’s like saying medical eyepatches matches lesbians. Valmet offers to buy her the watch as a sign of her affection, Koko accepts. Suddenly, the female from the assassin pair confronts Koko with the brusque accusation of being an arms dealer. A gunfight occurs, thankfully, the city has great security.

Jonah questions Koko’s affection towards him in the midst of danger. I’m cool with a romance, but the age difference is perhaps a little too much. I’m assuming she’s doing this to show Jonah that affection does exist, rather than as an act of moe fan service. I do hope it’s not the latter, Jonah is essentially a kid without a childhood. Dead parents ultimately resulted in him living a relatively dangerous life of natural selection.

Wait what? The police arrive; I’m assuming that common sense protocol is to shoot first, and ask questions later. But, they command the female from the pair to drop her weapons, she doesn’t, instead, she loads a grenade and shoots it. But that’s not the end of it, she reloads again, without being shot back in return, and fires another grenade before disposing of the militants after her. The male from the pair on the otherhand, disposes of two cops through their damn riot shields. First-rate security right there.

Since she’s a main character, she gets a +99% evasion boost, along with a galvanized, impenetrable shield. Valmet gets shot in the leg, and goes down.

Wait what? You use two bullets to dispose of two riot officers through their shields; but you can’t hit a boy charging towards you with a fully-automatic gun?

Lehm stops Jonah from becoming a martyr. Jonah seems to have attached a bond to Koko. It does seem a bit abrupt for him to break his apathetic, cool-headed persona into a passionate, illogical one over a few hugs and praises. Lehm lectures Jonah on their philosophy, they don’t die; they let other dies, but their goal is to ultimately survive. That showed during the last mission, they picked the most practical approach to survival, and they left the other group to die. I’m assuming that Jonah’s from a war-torn country, so perhaps, he’s numbed from the phenomenon known as death.

Wait, no, what the fuck? You miss the boy charging at you at point blank, and you struggled against Valmet. But, you possess the sheer skill to headshot two snipers with two bullets from a fully automatic fucking gun. The fuck? Even so, the police snipers didn’t shoot when he essentially told them to bring it on? They didn’t bother shooting even when he turned around, and pointed the gun towards them.

A witty discourse occurs between Lehm and the eccentric pair. Lehm essentially won. They run out of bullets and run.Ironically, Lehm and Valmet note the girl as being the primary foe, rather than the guy. She had the instincts, and possibly the sight that the guy lacks. Koko and Jonah are heading to the beach, the eccentric pair is presumably heading there too.

Jonah essentially opens up for once. He gives his philosophy on guns to Koko; they’re essentially catalysts to corruption. Given an innocent person a gun, and they may become corrupted in a way that they’ve never thought possible; they won’t realize the calamity until it’s too late. It could be essentially what happened to him, an orphan kid in a war-town country, given a gun, or in this case, the key to his survival. Koko is glad that he shared.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts

Still enjoyable regardless of the “Fuck you physics.” This show never essentially tried to be serious, the lighthearted mood is fairly obvious, it’s displayed primarily through Koko, and her interactions with the team. It’s not a show that aspires for accuracy.

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