Half-assed Speculations: Hyouka 2/21

Oh hey, more development.

I’ll be doing this review in a similar fashion to the First Impressions.

Character Analyses

Although a new character was introduced, there isn’t a lot about her that wasn’t received by simply paying attention, so I’ll skip her in this entry.

Houtarou Oreki

He’s developed slightly more. We learn in the beginning of the episode that the high school he goes to requires an entrance exam, so, I’m assuming that he’s above average academically. His friends seem to acknowledge his hidden intellect, although he doesn’t gloat it, or acknowledge it. He says that he doesn’t hate people, or company, and I’m inclined to agree, it appears that he’s just unused to the new atmosphere. It’s insinuated that he’s trying to prevent himself from developing socially; I’m not sure as to why though. It could be a troubling past [not much on his family is given], but he doesn’t fit the archetype of one who does have one. [For example, it was fairly obvious with Tomoya in Clannad, him on the other hand; he seems to be mostly happy, not miserable. He’s pessimistic, but that doesn’t mean you’re depressed.]

Eru Chitanda

We learn that she has a heightened sense of smell. She’s essentially an adorable dog. Her reasons for joining the Classics Club appears to be ambiguous at best, it’s personal; but, it may be revealed in the next episode. At the end of the episode, she states that her reason for calling Oreki may be a confession of sorts. I’m sure that it isn’t a romantic confession, but more so, something tied with her reason for joining. She might even change character completely, she doesn’t seem to fit her archetype. She’s a top student, but along with being a top student, a general “know how” is usually developed too, much like Oreki’s deduction abilities. She on the other hand is perceived as an airhead; I don’t think that she’s genuinely as clueless as she appears; I’m assuming that it’s an act. There’s also another theory. She truly is an oblivious airhead with top grades; but, she wants to change that. In order to do so, she wants to hang around Oreki, to reap some of his knowledge; this would also result in Oreki being more social, and her being more adept at common sense. Basically, I’m calling bullshit on her personality. It’s farfetched and terribly out there, but her character is too damn erratic to my elitist taste in logic.
Witty Title Realization
Sketchy analyses at best, typing these as I think doesn’t help either. The characters are being slowly developed, Oreki would be the most developed thus far. Chitanda’s development is still ambiguous, there’s probably much more foreshadowing and symbolism within their actions, but, I’m too oblivious to see it. But, I really do think that there are some.


This week’s mystery revolves around a book being checked out methodologically. The pattern is consistent, but the method of checking it out is erratic when viewed logically [enunciated and easily intelligible from watching]. Oreki figures it out with his innate deduction skills. There’s not much to say, it’s blatantly, and easily explained as to how he figured it out. Much like the first mystery, it isn’t something amazing. It’s a slice of life “I wonder what happened to X type of mystery.” ; it isn’t like Gosick, or UN-GO. I don’t see any supernatural elements to it [Ironically, Gosick didn’t have supernatural elements in the mysteries, but it was so heavily insinuated in each episode, which made it a really enjoyable watch.]

Relation: I don’t think that this relates to the first mystery. None of the crimes thus far are malicious, or ambiguous in intent, it’s all blatant misunderstandings. I don’t think that the mystery element serves as the central point of the show, but rather, a medium to develop the characters, the mood, and probably, a subtle storyline.

On-going Thoughts: Ending

Not sure what the song’s name is, it’s not updated on MAL yet, I’ll edit it once it’s added. I liked the song. More importantly, certain seiyuu have this amazing ability to mimic the most damn adorable voices ever. Chitanda’s voice actor is no exception. It’s not an obnoxious ending theme that you see in most cutesy, slice of lifes, so that’s always positive.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts

I enjoyed the episode. Chitanda is still adorable. That’s about it. I like the characters so far, I just really hope it transcends into something much more sentimental, rather than just an episodic mystery anime. But given the recipe thus far, and the fact that the mysteries are negligible, I’ll assume the inevitability of it shifting genres [Much like Clannad -> After Story]. Also, pardon the shit grammar is there is any. Realized that I have something due for school tomorrow, so time to SparkNotes that shit actually read the book because I’m a try-hard student.

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