On-going Thoughts: Sankarea 4/13

That’s a really nice sunset.

On-going Thoughts: Episode

Since Rea was reborn as a zombie, she tells her father, Dan’ichiro, that she doesn’t belong to him anymore; she’s no longer human.

Rea’s mother, Aria, apparently drinks a lot, due to her husband’s negligence, learns from the maids, that Rea has left the household [“leaving the household” is really ambiguous, she probably assumed that she ran away, rather than died.]. She interrogates her husband on the matter; she’s worried that her position as chairman could be compromised. The father is still desperate because of the previous events, but calms down after his butler mentions that Rea has probably gone to Furuya’s house; he declares him as the evil he must free Rea from [This father is father of the year material, just sayin’. Nothing displays a fervent love like taking a bath with pictures of pseudo-child pornography of your daughter.]

We learn that Sanka Private High School [for girls] has a special course aptly named “Blind Sewing”, in which the students, every day prior to their first period, practice the art of sewing using a small piece of cloth. Given this, Rea has the necessary ability to sew together her own wounds. How convenient.

After a little chitchat, they spot Babu sitting on his supposedly favorite tree. It seems that Rea can understand what he says; this is most likely attributed to both of them being zombies. Surprisingly. Babu’s eyes have returned to normal, presumably after he ate from the hydrangea. Perhaps zombies need it to live?

Rea tells Furuya about how her wanting to do everyday things with him, like shopping and watching a movie. Now that she’s free, she would like to know how it is to be “normal.” Suddenly she gets closer to him; it’s ambiguous as to whether she wanted to kiss or bite him. [I really hope her being a zombie doesn’t turn her into a lusting whore; that’s cool in hentai, but not in this show. I’m actually enjoying this show far more than the majority of this season’s shows.]

Wanko shows up and interrupts them. She’s still pissed because Furuya left her behind in the last episode. She wants to talk with him, but Rea is still in his room, so, he insists on going to the river instead. They talk about Babu, and what to do with him. Then, his school friends turn up. One of them wants to be introduced to Rea, the other one is relieved to know that he cares about more than zombie girls. Sure.

Meanwhile, Rea worries about the possibility of Wanko being Furuya’s girlfriend. She decides to take a shower since nobody is at home. She can’t feel if the water is hot or cold, but she still enjoys her first time in such a small shower. Suddenly the dementia-afflicted grandfather shows up.

Sada? Is that you, Sada? Sada! I see! You came back to life!

He really cannot be shocked by anything. Rea escapes, and when the grandfather attempts to follow her, Furuya’s sister, Mero comes home. He tells her Sada has come back to life. She retorts with apathy, but, she corrects him on that fact that her Grandmother’s name was Kiyo, not Sada. For a short moment he wonders about it, but shortly after, he blanks out.

Furuya comes back home. He tells his sister that he isn’t hungry, but instead, heads up to Rea. She lies by his bed with only a towel and speaks monotonously. Furuya rejoices on how this is the zombie romance he always longed for and plays along with it [I still would have preferred a normal cliche, “My-father’s-a-protective-tool, so-save-me-princess-and-knight type of romance]. After a while he suggests she should get dressed. But, her body has gone stiff; she cannot control it anymore; this is also the reason for her monotonous tone. He comes to the conclusion it must be rigor mortis. Rea was relying on him, so he makes up his mind and decides to protect her body. I assume it has to something with the hydrangea. [I do too, it is a bit ironic that eating poison actually cures you.]

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts
Overall an enjoyable episode, and somehow the ending song did fit the mood of the episode very well this time.

MDZ: I’m still enjoying this show more than the majority of the shows this season. It’s just so damn light-hearted and comedic; I don’t have to worry about critically analyzing it. I do hope that this series ends with a fulfilling ending, but, the chances of that occurring blow.

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