On-Going Thoughts: Tasogare Otome X Amnesia 4/12 [Last]

You may have, but I haven’t forgotten how fucking cute you are.

On-Going Thoughts:  Episode

That’s right! It’s time for the ever so cliche, the ever so average, and the ever so fanservice-filled beach episode!

Ah yes, they disguise it using the typical “It’s all for the club” approach. The school gives The Paranormal Investigation Club permission to use a lodge, yet their club isn’t official. Momoe finds an old book with some paranormal events she finds worthy of investigating. Teiichi is weirded out by how distant Yuuko is acting.

Momoe shows off her new swimming suit when a jealous Yuuko appears and disappears just as fast. The fanservice begins with scenes of Momoe, Teiichi, and Kirie playing water volleyball and splashing.

Kirie and Teiichibegin their nightly investigation while Momoe stays behind. Kirie rambles on about finding out the truth and displays her tsundere side as Teiichi is dragged away by Yuuko. Yuuko then shows her jealousy and begs for Teiichi to touch her. Okay seriously what the fuck? Looking at all this lust in this show, turns this possible cute romance into a lust-filled hot mess. Yuuko finds Kirie crying and apologizes to her.

The investigation continues and they return back to base to find Momoe freaking out over the supposed ghost. Yuuko recalls a memory of when someone once let her into the lodge room back when she was alive. They leave and Kirie compares herself to Yuuko in envy, assuming Teiichi and Yuuko left to go have sex. Obviously that isn’t true, because Teiichi is a typical pussy male lead.

Teiichi and Yuuko continue investigating and come to a sealed off area by boards. Yuuko has the idea of climbing up. Alright what in the fuck? If you are a ghost and no one can see you, can’t you just walk through walls and shit? The logic in this show, amazes me. Yuuko discovers the cursed stone in the grass, and finds Teiichi’s name written on it, but ultimately realizes it was a prank. Yuuko then decides to skinny dip and drags Teiichi in to join her. The episode ends with them having some cheesy and shitty conversation with one another.

On-Going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts

Seriously this show. It gets worse and worse at every episode. Much to like an earlier conversation I had with MDZ, the show looks very pretty, but the storyline is fucking awful. The fanservice is very overdone and this is slowly starting to remind me of some typical harem, for example: Shukufuku no Campanella, Oretachi ni Tsubasa wa Nai, etc. The only thing I can find in this show to make it bearable to continue watching, is the fact that Yuuko is so god damn cute. I love the cute scenes of Momoe when she’s freaking out and a blushing Kirie, though cliche, is always a nice touch.

MDZ: I’m not sure whether Silver Link is a shitty studio, or if they’re handed shitty titles. I can’t complain about the visuals; they’re pretty as fuck. Look at both of C3’s openings, and this one; they’re pretty shit. Content wise, it’s like finding every other way to induce a boner. Anyways, still bearable, not something I hate, it’s a romantic ecchi comedy, so, yeah.


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2 Responses to On-Going Thoughts: Tasogare Otome X Amnesia 4/12 [Last]

  1. ciddypoo says:

    I wouldn’t say the storyline is awful… I’d say that there isn’t a story.

    That’s the problem with this series right now. I love the humor and the character development, but it at the rate it’s going right now it feels like it”ll conclude with a second-to-last-episode asspull conflict and resolution.

    • mdz says:

      I’d say that there isn’t a story story, but it’s not episodic, the events are all linked. Pilot episode followed by backstory followed by more development, so there is a storyline; it’s just not clear as to what it’s going to develop into.

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