Character Presumptions: Jormungand 4/12

More pompous presumptions.

Character Presumptions

I didn’t like his character. He used the symphony of death as an excuse to slaughter. The symphony of death didn’t entail more than the name itself provided, it was just a blatant reason, a half-assed one at that. His combat abilities are also a bit irritating. He can headshot two snipers from a distance, but, he can’t hit a close-distance target with a machine gun on pray and spray mode. Essentially a shitty version of Anderson from Hellsing.

Didn’t like her character either. A case similar to Stockholm Syndrome, except it wasn’t developed. She possesses amazing combat abilities, yet, she didn’t bother killing the half-assed Anderson when they first met. She shot him in the shoulder;he complimented her on her pretty gun sounds, and they were BFF’s from then on.

Koko’s character is an ironic one. A arms’ dealer who wishes to see a more peaceful world. I’m sure her philosophies are a bit more complex. but from her speech, it insinuates that she’s letting the general public decide the future for themselves; she just goes with it. She knows a peaceful world, at the moment, is impossible, so, she relies on guns to protect herself, and those important to her. She tries to be self-reliant, but, she still uses her father’s influence. I can’t tell if half her actions are meant to be characterization, or fan-service cutesy shit.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts

Don’t know, it’s still entertaining. Hoping for something more than mindless entertainment though.

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