On-going Thoughts: Sankarea 5/13

Seriously, this show has some impressing background art.

On-going Thoughts: Episode

Chihiro (I’m going to call Furuya by his first name from now on) is aware that he has to cool down Rea’s body by covering it with ice. For the time being, he starts off by turning on the air conditioner (the effect of rigor mortis supposedly fades after 24 hours or so).

He asks his sister Mero for a book about preserving dead bodies, she was reading it earlier, but, he learns that it was only borrowed from a friend of hers; perhaps someone we get to see her later in the story. To conceal Rea from plain sight, he hides her in his closet. After that,he heads downstairs and eats breakfast with his family. He asks the question of what “normal is”, but draws back after being questioned of his strange behavior by Mero.

Next we see Wanko doing a house delivery to the Sanka estate. There, she runs into her underclassman, who is a classmate of Rea’s; the classmate was worried about Rea not coming not to school. Apparently, Rea is quite popular among the first years; everybody likes and admires her. She shows Wanko a few pictures of Rea, she looks happy in them.

Since today’s a holiday, the Furuya household is going to clean the temple grounds. Chihiro’s father questions his attitude on getting a new cat, Babu just died, it would be seen as insensitive. He retorts that Babu has come back to life. Chihiro’s father thinks of this as nonsense, but, old gramps is as enthusiastic about it as ever. We learn that he was supposedly the one who created the resurrection formula (most likely in his younger days when he wasn’t as senile).

Chihiro hopes, that if he really was the one who created the potion, he also knows how to prevent the resurrected body from rotting. Mero decides to clean Chihiro’s room, he appreciates the thought at first, but then remembers that Rea is still there, so, he talks her out of it. Afterwards Wanko comes by to visit; she brings some food. She tries to get some information out of Chihiro concerning his relationship with Rea. It’s apparent that she’s jealous of Rea, and his affection towards her. He assures her they only ran into each other a few times when he went out at night [He did not have sexual relationships with that woman. I kid.]. So she leaves.

Thus, the inception of the drama. Wanko decides to grab a new zombie DVD to borrow from Chihiro while she’s here. She enters his room; the closet door is open. She discovers long black hair and spots the open closet; it’s empty.

How the fuck did she get up there? Well, whatever. Rea jumps down and attacks Wanko by groping her breasts. When Rea tears Wanko’s clothes apart she screams, and alarms the whole household. Chihiro rushes up to help, but he is too late and must witness the obscure scene of Rea licking Wanko’s breast. Yes, really. He frees Wanko, and is know Rea’s new target. She forcefully embraces and then kisses him (looks like MDZ was right and being a zombie really turns her into a lusting whore :/).

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts
I didn’t quite like the last part, but apart from that, I’m surprised about how easily I manage to enjoy Sankarea weekly. I hope it doesn’t turn into a fanservice-themed anime.

MDZ: I’m still liking the series, contrary to Grek, I thought the ending scene was ridiculously enjoyable in some obscure perverted way. What I appreciate most about Sankarea is the cute shit, but also the comedy without the underlining melodrama. The last scene could be described as melodramatic, but contrary to other ecchi comedies, like C3, it wasn’t a pompous assertion of what drama is. I didn’t come into Sankarea looking for a meaningful storyline; it’s an ecchi comedy, it has to be a character show. That does persist, I like the characters. That last scene though, was ridiculously special and unique. So lesson of the day. If a hot female rapes another hot female, then it’s perceived as cute and awesome. If a guy does it, there would be a rant about how shitty the anime is, and how the guy should die in multiple fires. Anyways, enjoyed the episode.
Oh right, and Grek’s concluding line is ridiculously reminiscent of my initial thoughts of C3. Beforehand, I heard of it having a shit ton of gore and stuff, so I expected a Madoka-esque trolly anime; an anime with huge potential. Given that, the first episode of C3 was revolved around Fear acting cute, and nothing more. I was a bit bothered by it, and the fact that I used Hadena [Back when they were much worse than now] subs didn’t help the dilemma. Anyways, I do hope that this stays enjoyable. C3 was an abysmal failure, irritation, and shit anime. Does that sentence make sense? No. Does the storyline of C3 make sense either? Nope.

Grek: I must agree with MDZ. The ending scene was somehow enjoyable, I just hope this isn’t going to happen every episode from now on.

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