Pretentious Presumptions: Hyouka 3/24

More development.

Hyouka is starting off fairly slow; it’s not bad, just waiting for more development, and less speculations.

Character Analyses

The characters aren’t developed too much this episode, it’s more emphasis on information already given, and storyline development.
Houtarou Oreki

Still a contradictory character; he continuously emphasizes his lethargy, and he attempts to stray away from physically demanding tasks, but, his emotions results in him breaking this code. His displays of laze are emphasized in this episode. At the cafe, rather than verbally thanking the waiter, he gives him a nod instead. Other than that, he also seems to use his lethargy as an excuse. “I can’t do X because it would take too much energy”; he essentially sets this attribute of his during first impressions.

Eru Chitanda

Not much is developed this episode. I’m still expecting some odd development out of her; much like Oreki, their family histories aren’t against mentioned. There’s a mystique between the two of them; even she admits that she dislikes talking about herself.


Two mysteries are introduced in this episode; an episodic one, and presumably a recurring,central one.

The first mystery is relatively straight forward, I liked it. Although the use of the infrared sensors seems a bit farfetched. It still presents a common mystery, nothing supernatural; yet, it manages to entertain. Unlike the former mysteries, this one wasn’t as lighthearted, it’s slightly more mature. Hopefully the ensuing mysteries continue to develop in a similar fashion.

The second mystery is somewhat ambiguous. The words of Chitanda’s uncle have to contain enough power to make her want to forget it, given this, it has to be something nondiscernable by the common eye [like a physical injury]. It’s probably something psychological, considering Chitanda’s childhood persona, and her reverence of her Uncle, it may have been a token of the past that resulted in a tarnished reputation [For example, her Uncle could have been a notorious opium dealer.] The impact of it also has to have enough power to drive Chitanda; she not only forced herself to forget it, but, it completely mesmerizes her at times [She did not pay attention to Oreki’s explanation of the first mystery]. Not much is revealed of Chitanda’s family yet, so anything could be possible. They’re renown for agriculture. Poppies are plants. Therefore they grow and sell heroin.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts
I am still enjoying the show a lot; it manages to make everyday mysteries interesting. I do hope it gets more mature though. I’m assuming for Hyouka to follow the episodic formula of episodic mystery + development on central storyline; I hope it doesn’t develop like that, just seems a bit banal, but, if it pulls it off well, then it’s still good.

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