Shitty Opinions: Jormungand 5/12

Obligatory filler picture to attract views.

I personally disliked the developments in this episode pertaining to Jonah’s past. It’s an incredibly banal and cliche story driven by the power of friendship. The primary antagonist during his flashback was from the commander, who assumes the position of an absolute evil [Not a grey, arguable evil, just plain, blatant, “He’s a bad person.” The commander supposedly “killed” one of Jonah’s female friends, so, Jonah, driven by a passionate retributive fervor, gains superhuman abilities and shoots up the entire camp of trained soldiers. Afterwords, he pleads with Koko’s brother for the mercy of the remaining orphans.

It probably wasn’t a shitty, logically flawed development, I just disliked it. Just plain bleh. Jonah’s relationship with the orphans wasn’t really developed; you have to assume that they were all really close to each other. That’s not necessary a bad thing, but you do have to take into account that an apathetic kid, Jonah, has to care enough about his orphan friends to risk his life, and end the lives of multiple others to save them.

I do enjoy the interactions between Koko and the rest of the squad though. It appears that every White Fox anime thus far, has this inherent sense of community among the characters. Whether that’s Steins;Gate, Tears to Tiara, or the duo in Katanagatari, they’re mostly character-driven shows. But holy fuck, a storyline would not kill the series. Jormungand doesn’t seem to fit the episodic-type of series, it presumably revolves around Jonah regaining his emotions. But, that’s currently being done in such a half-assed manner.

During the ending speech, he impulsively breaks his god damn apathetic character to give his philosophies on life. That’s a development that’s to be expected from a Ghibli movie, such as Castle in the Sky. That would make sense if something extremely important happened, but the only thing that occurred was a meeting with Koko’s brother. That doesn’t warrant enough influence to cause him to go “Wow, perhaps I really shouldn’t have killed 24 soldiers to save the three orphans.” But fuck it, it’s anime, and I’m being a nitpicking tool.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts

Not a shitty episode, I just needed something to write about. In this case, I really disliked the developments. Does it make Jormungand a bad anime? No, not quite; it’s just an opinion. It’s more enjoyable then it is infuriating. I just have the shittiest tolerance with obnoxious characters, and in this case, the melodramatic “My past was shit therefore I’m a depressing tool now.”

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