On-going Thoughts: Hyouka 4/21

Obligatory heroic pose.

Character Analyses

Not much characterization this episode, so let’s skip to the mystery.


Hyouka remains to be extremely anticlimatic when it comes to the big reveal. It’s not a bad thing; it’s just how much some scenarios heavily insinuate a more sinister occurring, while the actual happening is much more tame. Oreki does come up with a plausible conclusion with his genius, but, as Chitanda points out at the end, there is a discrepancy.

Oreki is the only person from the group who knows about her reaction to the news. She cried when her Uncle told her about the incident, and that presumably caused shock that resulted in her forgetting about the news. It doesn’t seem logical for Oreki’s character to end the mystery with the conclusion that he did come to, but, he probably did it to spare the group her life story. This mystery is probably going to be recurring, but it doesn’t seem likely to take up the entire season. Also, what exactly do you have to do, to get expelled from school. Peaceful protesting and expulsion usually doesn’t pair up. There’s probably more to the mystery, his conclusion may be somewhat true, but there has to be an underlining difference.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts

Well shit, not much to say besides I liked the episode. I just have no idea what the fuck an anthology is. I want more shit to develop, to make it more immersive, not just a slow mystery anime. I’m fairly confident that shit will hit the fan eventually, it’s just a bit slow right now. It’s fucking KyoAni, they animate good shows.

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