On-going Thoughts: Sankarea 6/13

Late entry and Babu.

On-going Thoughts: Episode

When Wanko discovers that Rea is a zombie, she insults Chihiro, and proclaims him to be a murderer. He tries to explain himself, but Rea follows Babu out on the housetop, interrupting their quarrel. Chihiro tells Wanko to get his grandfather (she doesn’t get along well with him), and follows Rea outside.

He gets spotted by his father, who asks about the earlier scream. Chihiro assures him that everything is okay, and it was just Wanko getting scared over a petty DVD cover; right now, he has to take care of Babu. After that he sees both Rea and Babu eating hydrangea leafs. They revert back to normal after eating the leaves; Rea is surprised about her current state of being [in a towel, naked, outside].

Chihiro attempts to explain to Rea the reasons for her condition, but he gets interrupted. Wanko appears with Grandpa on her back. He complements Chihiro for his deductions and the successful resurrection, though he still confuses Rea with a person called Sada (he also confuses Wanko with his wife, which is the reason she doesn’t get along with him) [When I get dementia, I’d like to use that as an excuse for sexual harassment -MDZ]. He explains that the resurrection pill isn’t perfect, and that there are three necessary things to preserve the resurrected body.
1. The body needs moderate exercise.
2. The body needs to be cool.
3. The body needs regular servings of hydrangea poison.
Chihiro complains, his grandfather could have written that in the book, saving him the trouble of finding it out for himself, but, grandpa retorts by saying that this is something he had to find out himself. At last he explains that the recipe isn’t perfect. The decay can be delayed, but not stopped (He has a normal expression during this part. Looks like he has moments where he isn’t senile.). He begins to talk about something he has done because of that, but Wanko interrupts him by throwing a flowerpot at him for no reason, thus reverts back to being senile. [Gotta love deus ex flowerpots]

Chihiro’s father and Mero, who have, watched the situation for a while, take action. Mero brings her grandfather inside, and her father asks Chihiro about Rea. Rea herself thinks that she has to leave now that she has been discovered, but Chihiro declares that he wants to let her stay here, and that he has a promise to make good on. Since Chihiro is adamant about it, and the fact of their temple providing former refuge for women, she is allowed to stay. [Chihiro is usually viewed by the father as that one son that doesn’t do much, he’s stuck in his fantasy world of zombies in other words. But now, he’s actually interested in something “real”]

To come up with a way to stop Rea’s decay, he begins to writes down everything that happens in a diary. It also appears that Rea cannot remember anything during her “zombie state” [It’s essentially a fugue state, she’s probably holding onto small tidbits of what occurred]. Although Rea is embarrassed by it, Chihiro also decides to film everything she does from now on. During dinner Chihiro’s father and Mero inquire about Rea not taking part. He tells them that she’s a shy person, and that she doesn’t want to burden them financially. They say that it’s unnecessary to think about that, and she would be, and is welcome at the table. Afterwards Wanko comes by and brings some clothes for Rea. Perhaps Chihiro has some feelings for Wanko, since he tells her that he and Rea aren’t lovers. [I think it’s the other way around, Wanko’s in love with Chihiro, so she’s hurt, but, she doesn’t want to alienate him. So, she tries to help by bringing her some clothing, Chihiro, thankful, and somewhat aware of her feelings, tries to reassure her that they are not in a relationship. A half-assed truth, but it’s fairly obvious that unless Rea dies, Wanko is not going to win.]

He takes Rea outside for a walk so that she gets some exercise. It seems the Sanka butler is observing them. Rea contemplates on how she really is dead, but she is still happy, because otherwise she would have never found out about the life outside and couldn’t spend her time talking with him. Chihiro promises to take care of her, but as they walk he thinks about what he should do to preserve her body and heedlessly, almost gets run over by a car. Rea pulls him back at the last moment, and because her muscles aren’t restrained anymore, she accidentally throws him against a tree. He tells her that he is fine, but to disinfect a wound that he has on the elbow she licks it. Ambiguous music begins to play and her eyes get blank again. Likely it has something to do with the blood.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts
Good episode once more. I guess the story from now on will be about how to preserve Rea’s body, and Chihiro’s feelings to her and Wanko.
Also I’m sorry for the late entry. The next one should hopefully come up tomorrow.

MDZ: Sankarea continues to surprise me, in a positive way. The generic ecchi zombie comedy would be full of bullshit ecchi and irritating developments, a fucking irritating love triangle to be exact. But how exactly does Sankarea handle it? The ecchi that it does have, is not incessant, and when it does occur, it’s more enjoyable than it is irritating. It’s not occurring at bad, or inappropriate times, when it does occur, it’s usually funny. Now, Sankarea also manages to stay “darker” than the surface entails. Rea, according to current developments, could actually die. His grandfather was temporarily lucid for a reason. I don’t know how they’ll handle it, but I really don’t want to see her killed off. Rea’s developed in a way that makes it “realistic”. Rather than live doing cute shit with the guy as a zombie, she actually reminisces about life, she critically thinks about her situation. She doesn’t treat it as an aberrant joke, she takes it seriously. That’s what separates Sankarea from the cliche ecchi romances. I really do, sincerely hope, that it continues. I don’t want another C3.

Oh right, and giving Rea that superstrength mechanic is important in my opinion. You can’t exactly shoot to kill your daughter, so, you have to subdue her. But, subduing someone with super strength is a difficult task.

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