On-going Thoughts: Jormungand 7/12

Better than expected.

Valmet’s situation was actually handled better than I expected. I was on the precipice of calling a hypocrite; she was extremely similar to the rival. They both dedicate their lives to serving one person, Valmet to Koko, and Karen to the Major. Karen killed Valmet’s squad because she was ordered to do so; Valmet would have done the contrary if Koko ordered her to do so, and that’s what she did in this episode. If Valmet killed Karen, she would have been a butthurt hypocrite, but rather, she evened the playing field. Valmet’s past “incompetence” caused the death of her squad. Now, Karen’s “incompetence” caused the death of hers. Valmet was probably much closer to her squad, so she held them dear, but when she witnessed Karen executing members, and treating her squad like shit, she probably had a relapse. Cool development overall, much better than the former expected development.

As a side note, Koko’s dream is incessantly alluded to. It has the power to change views, the power to move people, the power to forge powerful alliances, but, it’s never revealed.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts

Overall, a better episode than last week’s. Not much to say, Jormungand is an amalgam of a familial mood from the interactions of the group, with a much more serious nature, considering some philosophical elements from discourse.

I blame the late entries on D3 and stagnation.

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