On-going Thoughts: Hyouka 6/21

I’m getting more creative with the display pictures.


Not much was really developed in this episode, just plain enjoyable interaction. All the characters are likable, which makes this an enjoyable slice of life show. However, it appears that the episode foreshadows major future developments. Oreki constantly emphasized his not knowing enough about Chitanda to accurately judge her. Hopefully my somewhat delusional theories come out to be somewhat true; I want development more than plain fun interaction.

I do have to comment on Chitanda’s mediocre speech though. Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride are the extremes of the attributes they represent. She gave an explanation, using extremes. In Greed’s case, it’s putting material wants in front of everything, in her counterargument, she proposes the exact opposite, which was to be totally unconcerned with money. Thankfully, Oreki comments on moderation. I basically wrote this comment because I really do need some body in this entry.


The mystery this episode was reminiscent of every other mystery thus far, with the exception of the primary “Hyouka” one. It’s ordinary actions, with a plausible, basic reason. In this episode, the math teacher allegedly confused an “a” with a “d”, which does make sense. It would be too farfetched to assume anything else given the known information.

The next episode appears to be a hot spring one, ironically, it’s named True Colors.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts

Hoping for more drama. I really should get started on my school projects. Should probably stop playing so much D3 too. Should also really stop rambling on and on. Cool episode.

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2 Responses to On-going Thoughts: Hyouka 6/21

  1. Simon says:

    I wish this show wasn’t about such mundane things :> I mean, I like it, but it could be way better imo. They should focus more on character development and real mysteries.

    • mdz says:

      I wouldn’t mind more exciting mysteries and more character development, but Hyouka is relatively unique in making mundane, everyday stuff interesting.

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