On-going Thoughts: Fate/Zero 22/25

The end approaches.

On-going Thoughts: Episode

During the first season, Waver cast a spell onto the elderly pair, tricking them into believing that he was their grandson. However, it appears that after a period of time, the old man realized otherwise. Contrary to Waver’s anticipated reaction, his reaction wasn’t one of anger, but one of gratitude towards him and Rider. Waver appeared to feel guilty about controlling the elderly couple; after realizing it, the guilt seemed to have subsided. But the elderly man does share sentiments similar to Rider, one should not risk one’s life in pursuit of something. Rider did it for Okeanos, and Waver is doing it for the Holy Grail. These developments cause me to believe that Waver does survive the war, albeit him not being in the sequel. However, I could also be wrong and he could be murdered viciously in this episode by arrogantly pursuing his goal.

Kiritsugu stakes out Mt. Endou in aspirations of locating Kirei. He states that he’s alone once more, after confirming the death of Maiya. By losing Maiya, he not only lost a trusted asset, but also a friend. Saber returns bearing news; she has still not located Irisviel. She departs without a rebuttal from Kiritsugu, and asks him to use a command spell if need be. I don’t think that Kiritsugu has initiated a “conversation” with Saber, closest being the use of the command spell, and even that was under dire circumstances. Saber departs, with Kiritsugu being alone.

Kirei has taken Irisviel to Caster’s old hideout, a location that Kiritsugu has never managed to find. Irisviel stays passionately adamant when it comes to supporting Kiritsugu. She states that although Kiritsugu can easily see through Kirei’s veil of deception, Kirei cannot do the same to Kiritsugu. He furiously retorts by declaring that there is no difference. Kirei questions her on Kiritsugu’s purpose, his reason to kill, his character as a whole; she replies with an answer.

“He wishes for humanity’s salvation; the elimination of war and bloodshed. For eternal peace on Earth.”

Kirei denounces the irony of his wish. He posits that war and bloodshed are very much the foundation of humanity, by eliminating them, humanity is eliminated too; he calls it a childish joke. Irisviel points out that the attributes of the Holy Grail have the ability to grant childish wishes. She points out Kiritsugu’s character, his inevitable fate to lose those that he loves.

Upon realizing his own ideals, his reason to fight, he kills Irisviel. I lack the apathy to have a screencap of Irisviel dying; but I did imagine her death to be more terrible, not as quick as it was.

Rider notes early on in the scene of the impending end of the Holy Grail War; flares go up into the sky. Rather than a declaration of an end, it serves as a challenge, or a beginning to end. Rider tells Waver to hop onto the horse, the battle is awaiting them. He must make clear the glory of the Rider class. Waver, surprisingly, declines. He reaffirms Rider’s words of “only the strong remaining.” He uses his first command spell, on ordering Rider to fight until his victory. He uses his second command spell in commanding Rider to win the Holy Grail War. By the use of his third command spell, he orders Rider to conquer the world. He essentially relinquishes Rider of his command, believing himself to be unfit. Regardless of his status as his master, Rider insists on Waver coming, not as his master, but as a friend.

It’s ironic how Waver’s irritatingly deceptive, and cowardly actions landed him onto the character that I disliked the most. But after a while, his interactions with Rider seemed to be extremely enjoyable. Whether it’s the somewhat father-son-isque dialogue, or the jovial interactions, they really do share the biggest bromance on the show. I can only hope that by bringing Waver along, Rider doesn’t kill Waver by taking him onto the battlefield. Rider points out that Waver has been in every fight with him, every encounter, and in doing so, has become his equal, nothing less, and nothing more. Quite the opposite from the first season, where the scenario was a celebrated knight taking orders from a king with an inferiority complex. I do believe that he does approve of Waver’s actions in relinquishing his want of the Holy Grail. Urobuchi Gen being the writer, I expected for Rider to kill Waver, or some absurdity along the lines of that. The other masters follow suit.

Gilgamesh questions Kirei on his wish. Like before, he wishes for nothing, but rather, he anticipates the battle itself more than the reward. Gilgamesh seems a bit disillusioned, but he believes that once Kirei is granted an omnipotent wish, his true desires will shine.

A flashback ensues. Ilya had a nightmare of her being the container for the Grail. Irisviel reassures Ilya that that will not happen to her, that the chains of fate will be unshackled. It’s fairly evident that she is trying to save Ilya from the fate of being a container. Irisviel regains her sense of reality, she is, supposedly, in the Grail. I really would comment more, but my knowledge of the Grail itself is mediocre at best.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts

Enjoyable episode. It’s going to be fairly interesting to see how it wraps up.

Also, some of you may have noticed the slower entries. The writer for Amnesia quit, there was a heated argument.
Here’s why. As he said, I’m a tool. I genuinely do enjoy discussing anime with anybody; I prefer talking to a fanboy over a cynical tool. As ironic as that sounds, I enjoy anime first, I’m a sentimental fanboy first. I’m the analytic cynical tool second, I pick up on things as I watch; if I spent hours thinking about something, picking apart a series, finding every flaw, then I wouldn’t enjoy anime nearly as much as I do. Like every other fanboy, I get irritated when someone attacks something I typically care about. I don’t mind proving my point of view, regardless of the length, but being blind to logic and using just is reasoning because you can’t understand it is ignorant and idiotic. Above all, it’s irritating. Just a rant I had to do, some people may be under the misconception that I am truly, an elitist. My rating system does not correlate with how much I enjoy something, it’s just an indicator of how much you may enjoy it. It’s relative to other series. I gave a ten to Clannad because it was the series that got me started into anime. Fully enjoying it, being immersed into it. I can’t exactly define a masterpiece, but that comes closest. Anyways, props to you if you actually read this winded rant. Next season is Summer, arguably my favorite time of year. I do want to get shit done, and hopefully, we’ll have more writers. Okthxbaii isn’t a bad person, just an bigoted idiot at times. Grek’s been a bit busy with real life, so he hasn’t been doing Sankarea. I’m still doing Jormungand, albeit a little late, Fate/zero and Hyouka. Hopefully I get more writers next season, it really is fun to write. But it’s also dedication.

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7 Responses to On-going Thoughts: Fate/Zero 22/25

  1. Olga says:

    Hey “Another” OVA just came out and its a prequel and about the life of Mei be4 her twin sister died it :D
    i havent herd you making fun of Another for a long time and maybe you will like it

  2. Lorhand says:

    I don’t think that Kiritsugu has initiated a “conversation” with Saber, closest being the use of the command spell, and even that was under dire circumstances.

    Funny thing is, Saber considered this being one of the three “conversations” she had with Kiritsugu in the 4th war. I guess she just means Kiritsugu talking to her. Even episode 16 sounded imo more like a monologue instead of a dialogue. On the other hand, even in her past as king she didn’t really “talk” much with her people, so her definition of conversation might be different. :p

    She states that although Kiritsugu can easily see through Kirei’s veil of deception, Kirei cannot do the same to Kiritsugu.

    Another funny thing. Kirei is pretty much the only one in this war who can understand Kiritsugu and vice versa. Although they are foils, both can actually understand each other the best. That is more apparent in FSN, when Shirou is talking with Kirei and when Kirei tells him about Kiritsugu.

    Kirei is just confused right now and probably disappointed that he didn’t find a kindred soul and thus the answer for his existence and purpose in this world, but his counterpart. However, that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t approve of Kiritsugu’s wish. As Kirei told Shirou, he was and is not against world peace, but it is not his wish.

    He essentially relinquishes Rider of his command, believing himself to be unfit. Regardless of his status as his master, Rider insists on Waver coming, not as his master, but as a friend.

    Not only that, if both Master and Servant’s goal and wish(aka Command Spells) are consentient, the Servant will get a massive boost in power, contrary to getting weaker if the Servant doesn’t want to obey the Master.

    One Command Spell alone could count as a small miracle and although being weakened because of using Ionian Hetairoi two times already and the general lack of mana because of Waver, Rider should be at the least 100% now(imo :P), if we leave out the fact that he lost Gordius Wheel against Saber.

    • mdz says:

      Interesting, thanks as always. What was the ending about?

    • Lorhand says:

      You mean the ending of this episode?

    • Lorhand says:

      Well, I think you know that stuff with the seven cups that are reserved for the seven Heroic Spirits who match the seven classes, so I won’t need to say anything about this, will I? :)

      About the rest… well, there isn’t really much I can say because I’ll spoil you to death with it, so if you want I can do it in a week or two. Or I can help you refresh your memory of the FSN anime now, but that could kill the fun, too. :P

      All I can say for now is that if Iri is used the same way Ilya is used in FSN, then the grail vessel is her heart. One more defeated spirit and her body probably would have dissolved anyway. We already knew from the beginning that she was doomed and both Iri and Kiritsugu just had to remind us almost every time they met…

      Other than that, there are four focal locations where the leylines are very strong in Fuyuki and that are used as “gates” to reach Akasha. The grail vessel has to be placed in either one of those locations and only one of them was picked every war(since no one until now ever succeeded in obtaining the Grail). The locations are:

      1. The Ryudo-Temple. This was the first gate and it is also the gate in FSN.
      2. The mansion of the Tohsaka family.
      3. The church on the hill.
      4. A former open field and now in the middle of the town. It’s the gate for this Holy Grail War and is located in Miyama I believe(the bridge connects the older suburban part Miyama with the newer urban part Shinto of Fuyuki City). In FSN it has become a park.

      The last scene with Ilya is as far as I can see only a dream Iri has. She has already merged with the Holy Grail (as Kirei intended to do the same with Ilya in the FSN anime).

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