On-going Thoughts: Jormungand 8/12

Late as usual.

This episode was quite an improvement from the previous episodes. As far as Jormungand goes, it’s not driven by its action scenes, or its overall character development. But rather, it’s centered on one character, Koko. She is quite obviously the centerpiece of the show, everything revolves around her. And White Fox excels at presenting that. She’s given this innate, devious intelligence, yet, she prefers to put on a jovial facade. This episode proved especially “good” in presenting that; contrary to the previous episodes, there was a battle, but not a physical one. The wits of two individuals are tested, with Koko winning.

The previous episodes were centered on action. Action is great for movies such as Stranger of the Sword, and regrettably for shows such as Guilty Crown, but not for Jormungand. Action isn’t usually driven by a strong storyline, or an intelligent system of combat, but rather, eye candy. White Fox is by no means “bad” in the visuals department, but it’s fairly blatant that Jormungand isn’t paralleling the calibers of either Katanagatari or Steins;Gate. Which is why Jormungand works better as a show with mind games, rather than physical battles. Physical battles are dependent on how they’re animated, how fluid motion is, how enthralling the movements are; mind games on the other hand, are more influenced by the actions of the characters, the dialogue, and the overall mood of the show.

I’m not sure as to what I should feel towards the OST. Undoubtedly, the ending soundtrack for this episode was great; it encapsulated the mood above all else. The other OSTs do the same, but not to the same caliber. I do like the opening theme though, although I would prefer an actual album art, and English over a rendition of it [Japanese works too]. The ending is good too, just not exactly the mood of the show, but that may change.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts

Kill the banal combat, give more dialogue, in doing so, more essence to the show.

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