On-going Thoughts: Hyouka 7/21

Contrary to most hot spring episodes, this one had a plot.

Albeit, it’s a plot in Hyouka terms. It follows with another mystery, this time, the elusive evil spirit.


The mystery in this episode revolved around the assumption of an evil spirit. But rather, the actual perpetrator was an elusive case of bad luck. I liked the mystery, it was structured well. By characterizing one of the siblings as being extremely possessive, they created a motive; by characterizing the other as being extremely nervous throughout, they created guilt. But the guilt wasn’t overwhelmingly obvious, mostly in part due to Oreki’s dialogue, in which he assumes that the sibling dislikes him.

It’s fairly blatant that by now, Chitanda does treat Oreki somewhat differently than the others. They share personal conversations, rather than group conversations. If greater development ever does occur, and I’m fairly hopeful that it will, then I’m assuming that these conversations serve as building blocks. Basically, past a certain amount of these conversations, she’ll be more effusive with her feelings, giving her greater characterization. But then again, that’s just being hopeful. Hyouka is ridiculously slow development wise when compared to a character anime, but when compared to a slice of life, it’s fairly average in development. I really do want this to shift into something more.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts

Needs more development, but still enjoyable.

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