On-going Thoughts: Jormungand 9/12

Strangely enough, I’m cool with the ending.

It isn’t rare for shows to paint absolute goods and absolute evils, much like this episode. There wasn’t gray reasoning, it was a struggle of power, a plain black and white. In this case, the absolute black was bullying the absolute white. It’s a fairly trite concept when viewed for creativity, but subjectively, watching a tool get his head bashed in is incessantly satisfying.

Koko’s character is also an odd one. She’s similar to Kiritsugu in the regard that they ultimately try to do “good”, but they prefer to assume the persona of an apathetic strategian. There’s an obvious layer of complexity behind her seemingly cutesy actions. As Jonah points out, he doesn’t smile, but Koko does as a facade to hide her true feelings.

The mood of a familial team is present as always. It’s revealed that one of the team members actually has a family, with children and a wife. In good humor, they also mentioned Lehm’s methodological divorces and reunions. The irony of having a team with objective ideals coalescing in comparably trivial manners.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts

It’s an improvement from the prior two episodes that revolved around Koko’s fanboy. Jormungand shouldn’t be heavily action, it should be character centered. Each action should have a reason powered by their philosophies, not action for action, like Bleach.

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