On-going Thoughts: Fate/Zero 23/25

Three servants remain.

Rider converses with Gilgamesh before a battle. Rider informs Gilgamesh of his lost chariot. Gilgamesh is irritated, since he wanted to fight Rider at full strength. Rider rebuts by saying that he is at full strength [which he is]. Gilgamesh does acknowledge Rider’s “more potent” than usual aura. After drinking, Rider proposes an alliance. Rider’s Ionian Hetaroi used in tandem with Gilgamesh’s Gate of Babylon would be seemingly omnipotent. Gilgamesh laughs in good humor at the request, but affirms that there’s only one friend that he has; there also isn’t a need for two kings. There’s a blatant underlining respect between the two kings. Afterwords, they discard their drinking cups, and proceed to battle.

In intermission, Waver questions Rider on his respect towards Gilgamesh. Rider states that it would be difficult not to respect somebody who may kill him; Waver reminds Rider of his obligation to his command spell. Invigorated by Waver’s words, he uses his Noble Phantasms, and proceeds to battle with Gilgamesh.

Saber and Berserker engage in a fight. Elsewhere, Kariya is taking the brunt of the damage, due to Berserker’s mana usage. Due to his hallucinating, he begins to converse with Sakura. She questions him on the necessity of the fight; Kariya assures her that he needs to fight, in order to ultimately save her. Sakura then shifts the topic to her mother, whom Kariya kills; this excites the worms, and results in more damage to him. It seems more likely for Kariya to die before Berserker.

While in combat, Saber goes for a strategic blow. However, Berserker ripostes her attack. This causes Saber to question Berserker’s identity [Which is, Lancelot of the Lake]. Saber breaks into dialogue, stopping the raging fight, in order to ask him a question. She demands for him to give him actual identity, as due to the demands of a knight’s pride.

He removes his guise, and gives the name of Lancelot. Basically, Lancelot was a Knight of the Round Table, and personally, someone that King Arthur, or in this case, Saber, could trust [unlike the majority of people, he actually knew her gender]. However, one day, he fell in love with Arthur’s Queen, Guinevere [Arthur married her to maintain the image of a stable royal family (you need heirs), Guinevere, knowing this, maintained the position of the King’s wife, essentially sacrificing being a woman]. After Lancelot and the Queen began their affair, Lancelot contemplated on running away with the Queen, but, because of his ardent loyalty to King Arthur, he stayed. Political enemies of the King soon found out, and ordered for Guinevere to be executed. Lancelot, in love with Guinevere, attempted to save her from execution. Unfortunately, he ends up killing several of his fellow knights. What followed was a period of immense suffering. Arthur felt guilty about “causing” the situation to begin with, and Lancelot felt guilty because Arthur wouldn’t punish him. Thus, he became mad and became summoned as Berserker. Essentially a cycle of guilt that resulted in more guilt.

Gilgamesh uses Ea, effectively rendering Rider’s Ionian Hetaroi useless, and eventually, destroying it. Rider then proposes a question to Waver; he asks him to become a subject of his.

“You are my King. I will serve you with everything that I have. Let me see your dream!”

Rider accepts. Rider states that it is a king to represent a dream. However, it is up to the subject to finish the dream of the king’s, and carry it onward to future generations. Rider’s arguably one of the best characters on the show; he masterfully words his proposal. Waver, who essentially started out with a inferiority complex was blatantly recognized by him as an equal in the previous episode, in this episode, he bestows upon him the honor of being a vassal of the king, someone to carry his dream onward. However, underneath the superficial veil, he’s also doing this to protect, and ultimately, save Waver’s life from being wasted in the Holy Grail War. Rider’s character has contemplated on the past’s actions up till now; the foolhardy honor his men gave him, and the blind nonexistent goal he aspired to attain. He reflected upon that by instilling insight onto Waver, trying to shift his ideals, to prevent a second version of him. He essentially hermetically seals his plan by telling Waver to live on. Essentially the best bromance ever. Rider charges in, and inevitably, dies. Before passing, he notes that he has waken up from his dream, the dream of Okeanos. His death scene is actually really similar to Ryuunsuke’s.

Gilgamesh approaches Waver, and asks him if he’s Rider master. Waver declines the sentiments, but rather, states himself to be his subject. Gilgamesh notices the missing command spells, then imparts on him the need for a subject to avenge his fallen king. Waver states the inevitability of his death if he himself foolishly challenges Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh looks at Waver, as if deciding his fate; he makes his judgment, deeming Waver a loyal subject. He orders him to never tarnish that, and dematerializes.

Saber’s current situation is similar in regards to her original situation pertaining to Lancelot. She essentially caused his madness by not punishing him for his actions. Now, she’s forced to combat him. However, his madness is caused by her not punishing him, which ultimately makes the fight much more difficult for her. But, since she’s not fighting him due to her guilt, it only makes Lancelot angrier, madder. Her actions in dealing with this is extremely conforming of her character. She’s naive enough to seek an overall solution, a remedy for the problem at hand. She’s bent on saving a doomed limb, rather than amputate it in hopes of saving the rest of the body. In other words, regardless of what she does, what she hopes for, she cannot change the past. The most practical way would be the end Lancelot’s misery, his madness, but, that’s not as easy to do, as said.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts

Great episode as usual, next few concluding episodes should prove to be interesting.

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6 Responses to On-going Thoughts: Fate/Zero 23/25

  1. I can’t believe its all going to be over soon! I need more Saber.

  2. Simon says:

    Why does all of my favourite characters die? No fair :(

  3. Lorhand says:

    Rider converses with Gilgamesh before a battle.

    Just a short note: They cut (and that will be probably added in the bluray) the part where Rider asks him to fulfill their promise in episode 11 to finish drinking the wine Gil brought.

    Gilgamesh laughs in good humor at the request, but affirms that there’s only one friend that he has;

    I’m actually disappointed they didn’t show Gil’s flashback in episode 15. Sure, people might know he means Enkidu, but it gives the viewer a deeper understanding of his character and definitely sympathy points.

    He removes his guise, and gives the name of Lancelot.

    Berserker drew Arondight, Excalibur’s fellow fairy sword, which automatically seals his other two Noble Phantasms Knight of Honor (everything-I-touch-becomes-my-NP) and For Someone’s Glory (the strange fog and his disguise abilities).

    Furthermore, it boosts his already strong parameters (which were already improved due to Mad Enhancement as Berserker) by one again and thanks to his Eternal Arms Mastership ability, he can fight very well with his sword, even though he is mad. The problem is the mana cost, since he’s not holding back anymore…

    Lancelot could have been summoned as a Saber actually. However, he wanted to lose his ability to talk and only rely on instincts like an animal, since he didn’t want to think complicatedly. Kariya fulfilling his wish by purposely adding the Berserker lines was convenient to Lancelot.

    Btw, I was wondering… did you actually spoil yourself already with his identity or how come you already know his backstory without seeing the flashbacks yet? ;D

    Rider charges in, and inevitably, dies.

    Unfortunately for him, he impressed Gilgamesh so much, that Gilgamesh decided to take him seriously out of respect. Not only does Gil use Ea, he even uses his most precious NP, the Chain of Heaven: Enkidu. And unfortunately for Rider, he is divine, since people believed him to be the son of Zeus/Ra, so Enkidu worked on him…

    However, he was actually skewered by a lot more NPs and he laughed it off while keep charging in the novel. That made him more awesome imo. I wonder why exactly they changed that…

    Waver states the inevitability of his death if he himself foolishly challenges Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh looks at Waver, as if deciding his fate; he makes his judgment, deeming Waver a loyal subject.

    It’s more like Waver telling Gil that Rider wished him to live on. Gilgamesh respects Rider’s last wish. At least that’s how I saw it…

    I’m afraid the next episode will be extremely rushed and the timer will probably reach Zero hour at the end. That… is actually not enough time for detailed explanations, so Berserker’s flashbacks might be shortened or cut, I fear. I guess ufotable has to do it because they need at the least one episode for the aftermath and the epilogue.

    • Lorhand says:

      what the heck… I fucked up b’s and i’s, now it looks kinda weird, lol.

    • mdz says:

      Oh, I kinda looked at the identities a while back. And thanks for the explanations, as usual.

      And yeah, there are quite a few masters left, considering it did take a season and an episode to kill off the first. Hopefully it’s not a sporadic series of deaths, hopefully it flows, and hopefully it’s “fixed” in the bluray release.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yeah, I did the same myself.

        I wasn’t expecting a Fate/Zero anime to prequel the Fate/Stay Night anime.
        Makes me wonder if we’ll see Ataraxia. That said, I looked more into the Fate
        Type-Moon Universe and stumbled upon Fate/Zero and discovered there was
        a DEFINED 4th Holy Grail War that preceded the 5th that Shirou and Rin fought
        and naturally wanted to know of the masters and servants that participated in it.

        I saw this confrontation coming a mile away (it would bastardize the whole Arthurian
        legend if it didn’t come to this) given who Saber and Beserker are. It’s also arguably
        the most interesting of the confrontations because unlike the others, sure servants
        indeed receive knowledge of the world of today upon their summoning and thus are
        aware of legends past but for the most part they still have to figure out each other’s
        identities if they can.

        Beserker and Saber, in this case, the rule doesn’t apply. These are two people who knew
        each other in life and were if nothing else, the best of friends. So I really enjoyed this episode
        and your explanation of it.

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