On-going Thoughts: Hyouka 8/21

Summer break.

This episode was relatively original for a mystery series; I personally enjoyed it. It revolves around an incomplete script for an independent school movie; the group is called upon to initially watch and critique it, then asked to name the perpetrator.

Given that it is a student film, KyoAni did a good job in presenting that. Mediocre acting, and noise in the background hint at a naivete in production quality. But onto the mystery at hand, who actually did it? The blatant, obvious perpetrator would be the seemingly apathetic girl. She knew where the keys were, and she knew to leave a master key behind, in case an incident occurs [being eccentric doesn’t quite help either]. But it could be assumed that she knew about the keys when looking at the floor plan, and that her wanting to leave a master key was just a safety switch. It could be the guy with glasses, who purposely came into contact with the blood [Not exactly common instinct to do so, plus, he could have had dried blood on his hands prior, given his passive fist.] But in all seriousness, I don’t really know who did it. The high school students weren’t characterized, so there could be underlining contempt between certain students. There wasn’t a clear motive, considering that the killer was a person.

It’s also strange for the blood to stay so limited within certain zones, if he struggled, there would be more blood, not a clean cut followed by clean soil elsewhere. A recurring motif so to speak that the students stressed was the presence of glass, which is present near his body. But the glass would need to be potent enough to slice his hand off cleanly, and it would also need a source. The window’s intact, the difficulty in opening it suggests that it wasn’t, and the straight grass outside insinuates that nobody ran. The dead-end to the left signifies that there isn’t an alternate, visible exit. But, it could be assumed that the victim unlocked all three doors in order to search them, the first two were left open, while the third one was locked afterwords. So, something must have caused the victim to lock the door, or the killer to do so afterwords.

There also wasn’t a scream from the victim, which further reinforces the idea that it was a quick, and sudden death. But, amputation doesn’t result in an instant bleeding out. The blood spill was minimal, and there wasn’t a scream. Therefore, something must have inhibited his scream, or his death was instant. The location of his bag is also bloodless, away from his body, and further away from the amputated arm. He would have had to have put down his bag before being killed. It’s more pragmatic to assume that the environment killed him, rather than a malicious student. But the only blatant tool in the room capable of amputation would be the window, but, a window’s more blunt, and it can’t exactly offset his arm that far off. So basically, I don’t really know who the killer is. As Oreki said, I didn’t pay close enough attention.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts

It’s a cool episode. Two-part episodes allow the viewer to actually guess, or deduce the perpetrator, rather than traditional episodes, which give you the answer before the end.

But yeah, I’m finally on summer break. I’ll probably attempt to do more blog stuff on series I finished, but I’ll probably turn out too lazy.

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One Response to On-going Thoughts: Hyouka 8/21

  1. Anonymous says:

    Yea, the mystery is pretty good. I can only really think of one way for this to have gone down, and even then I’d need to re-watch the episode to make sure… All I can guess is that the person who opened the door would be the culprit, having pretended to try to open the door and then have the others get the keys while he killed him… Or something. You bring up a lot of good points. I wonder if the arm was an ‘ad lib’ or not.If it was, then that would make a lot of sense. Anyways, nice review!

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