On-going Thoughts: Jormungand 10/12


The previous episode was essentially the prelude to a “feel-good” episode; the good guys winning, with the bad guys losing. This episode was the “feel-good” episode, albeit it was done in a way that wasn’t as obnoxious as the previous episode. It seemed a bit more “logical” or “realistic” loosely speaking. Although ridiculous feats like defeating an entire militant platoon without casualties were accomplished, it still seemed to flow better than the previous episode.

As Jonah noted, Koko uses numerous metaphors; one that stood out this episode revolved around “dragons”. The dragon in this case was the Dragon of the Balkans. She described a dragon as one who kills to the point of losing one’s humanity. Beasts driven by avarice, and beasts that overstretch their authority. This results in the beast growing methodologically more and more violent, to the point where humanity’s a distant figure. She notes that dragons cannot remain in the world, they must be killed, and to kill a dragon, is a great honor.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts

Enjoyed this episode more than the previous ones. Whether that’s a result of better writing, or the fact that it’s summer; I really don’t know.

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