On-going Thoughts: Hyouka 11/21


Quite an awesome mystery.


Oreki is developed more in this episode. In comparison to a past him, he’s much more complacent to his deductive impulse now; he doesn’t try to feign lethargy as often. He denies how similar the tarot card animals are to him and his friends, whilst in reality, they’re all true to an extent [especially Chitanda’s].

Onto this mystery, I really liked it. The film itself was presented in a way that wasn’t very logical; so, the new development ameliorated that. Most notably, was the cut to the arm. As I mentioned in an early entry, there aren’t a lot of devices that can cleanly amputate an arm with minimal blood splatter. The volume of the prop blood was earlier assumed to be a mistake, while in reality it was adhering to the author’s script. Everything just flowed so cohesively, small subtle clues [useless on their own], are tied together for the grand scheme [Yeah, I realize that’s what mysteries are meant to do]. The author’s timidness followed by her meticulous categorizing really served to accentuate the factors behind what occurred.


Even more so, Irusu was developed. I always assumed her staid stature to be insinuating of more than her superficial persona. Nevertheless, she was proven to be deceitful, intelligent, yet unabashedly prideful [as shown when Oreki’s sister disconnected]. She influenced Oreki in a way that was essential for a metamorphosis of sorts. She forced him to relinquish lethargy; during the tea scene, he went against his nature, he spoke out against her. Although Oreki isn’t the timid, or intimidated type; he’s not the energetic type; bothering with a defeat, or yelling would be a waste of energy. But in this case, his pride [loosely], or his conviction superseded his lethargy.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts

God, mystery shows…

I can’t be as pretentious as I could with most shows. I end up summarizing mysteries, rather than predict them. The only thing that I can comment somewhat newly, or constructively on would be character development. And Hyouka has been seeing a lot of that in the previous episodes, I can only hope that that continues.

Should have a new OP/ED next week.

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