First Impressions: Arcana Famiglia

A anime based off a otome game! This seems like my kind of anime! :D

Oh, hi everyone. I’m Kristi and I will be covering Arcana Famiglia for this blog since I’m a girl and I don’t think guys would like to cover a anime based off a otome game.


So, the episode starts off with the main cast of characters beating the crap out of members of a gang. After the little fight, it’s explained that the characters are an organization called Arcana Famiglia. Why are they called Arcana Famiglia? Well, the members are associated with the Tarot Cards.  For example, Liberta is associated with the Fool Arcana which  matches with his personality, being a huge airhead. Later on in the episode, there’s a party going on! The main protagonist of the anime Felicità is like “Wearing a dress to a party? PFFFT, I have a damn suit!” Felicita is a weird character actually. She doesn’t really see a point in wearing a dress to a party but when she blushed at Liberta and Nova, she gets angry and kicks Liberta. Yeah, pretty weird, don’t you think? Plus, she is associated with the Lovers Arcana while Nova is associated with Death. To me, Felicita doesn’t seem like someone who will hold the Lovers Arcana but then again, she’s the only girl in the group. It would be awkward to have a guy with that arcana. All the arcanas  actually have a special ability for them. The Lovers lets Felicita see into other people’s hearts. I’m surprised that they didn’t reveal what the Death or Fool arcana does. I guess I’ll find out in later episodes. It is revealed at the party that Papa is going to retire. So, he decides that someone is going to take his place. Who is that going to be? Well, that will be decided at the Arcana Duello. People who have arcana powers will be able to fight and get the title of Papa plus get a wish of theirs granted. Oh yeah, Papa also says whoever wins gets to marry Felicita. I would totally hate to be in Felicita position, but there is a plus to it which is being able to get married to a cute guy. <3

Sadly, Felicita can’t get out of this situation because when you join the Arcana Famiglia, you must do whatever Papa says. She tries to get her way out by kicking her own father, bad move right there, but she ultimately fails and gets thrown by him. CALL CHILD SERVICES! He insults her a bit telling to her to “shed a tear” because that way she might be able to get pity from the men that will participate in the Arcana Duello. Liberta, who is pissed yells at Papa, again, another bad move,  telling him that he shouldn’t be called a father for basically taking away his own daughter’s freedom. For saying that, he must now fight Papa.When Liberta tries to attack Papa however, Nova stops him. Nova and Liberta are about to fight until it is broken up by Pace and Debito. We get to see Debito and Pace’s arcana. Debito’s arcana is the Hermit which makes him go invisible while Pace’s arcana is Strength which of course, makes him much stronger. Although it was said nobody can oppose Pace’s strength, Liberta gets out of his hold with his arcana which I still don’t know what it does. Papa tells Liberta that his own way to give Felicita freedom is to win the Arcana Duello. There are bits of where the characters are talking about being married to Felicita. Yeah, yeah, whatever. I can already tell either Nova, Felicita or Liberta will win this thing. It then cuts to Liberta and Felicita. He tells her that he will win the Arcana Duelllo and wish for her freedom. Nova then comes in saying he won’t win the competition because he can barely handle his arcana power. You’re the one to talk Nova, we haven’t even seen what your arcana can do yet! Liberta says that as well because I guess Nova doesn’t think he should use his arcana because bad things will happen. I can already guess that Nova used his powers before but whatever happened, he doesn’t want to use them again. *Plays depressing music* Anyway, Nova’s wish is to not marry Felicita. Either way, if Nova or Liberta wins, Felicita will get freedom. Thus, episode 1 of Arcana Famiglia ends! ‘-‘

That stare means he’ll kill you.

The first episode of Arcana Famiglia was pretty good. It’s obvious that Felicita will end up with either Nova or Liberta. I’m surprised that she doesn’t like more of the boys around her because in the otome game you can date every single one of them. The producers might not make her get with either of the boys just so they can avoid angry letters from people who watched and didn’t like whoever she got with. So, the anime can end either way. I like how the arcanas actually have powers although we didn’t get to find out what some of the character’s arcanas actually do just yet. In my opinion, this series is mostly targeted at girls. It may catch guys’ attention with the arcana powers but that’s mainly it. If you’re a guy, just check out the first episode and see if you like it.

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