On-going Thoughts: Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate 2/

Still a visual novel.

I can’t help but feel that 90% of the developments would appear to be more “natural” and “logical” when viewed in first person. The guy’s character is seen to be lusting after everybody; but I can’t help but feel that in the visual novel, he has ulterior motives behind it; like a more complex philosophy than “catch em’ all.” Needless to say, the developments thus far seem to be almost antithetical to the genre tag of drama and romance; there were a few, brusque, yet somewhat natural shifts at the end.

I liked the guy’s passionate speech on how much the club meant to him. Regardless of how banally trite and cliche it was; it did distinguish him from just another retarded idiot lusting after every heroine. There also seems to be an underlining “romance” in ways between him and the main heroine; but that’s often attenuated by the interactions between him and the other girls in the club. The last scene was also a bit enigmatic; it appeared to be a sudden shift in mood. It’s probably connected to their juvenile, innocent “declaration of love.”

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts

Hopefully shit shifts soon. Comedy isn’t bad, but I’m primarily laughing at the interactions between the main guy, and the guy with green hair.

Oh and the OP/ED are still ridiculously awesome.

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