On-going Thoughts: Hyouka 13/21

Mayaka’s arguably awesome.

She argued against the president for the importance of reviews, and what defines a masterpiece. She’s similar to me in that aspect; I’m the guy that looks for an argument for shits [usually anime- related]; I don’t lose [cocky I know, but if it’s a serious defensible/attackable topic, I won’t lose] . A passion in something really is great; when you argue with someone, you can tell if someone’s halfassedly replying, or if they’re serious about the topic at hand. But enough with the elitist professing, this episode of Hyouka followed suit with the last one; there wasn’t an episodic, nor a central mystery.

I can’t really comment much on these type of episodes; they’re enjoyable; but you really can’t add anything constructive outside of the common-sense details. I was planning on going over the manga “A Corpse by Evening”, but a basic google search suggests that it doesn’t exist. Mayaka’s cosplaying as Frolbericheri from They Were 11, which is a relatively short, and old shoujo manga.
On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts
Enjoyable episode, not much to commentate on.

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2 Responses to On-going Thoughts: Hyouka 13/21

  1. Hi there! One thing that I can’t help but comment on was the way Fukube advertised their club and their anthology during the quiz bee. He had the costume on [gain attention], the brains[perhaps proving that the classics club has intelligent members,] the charm [that self PR was good] and of course making it to the finals for a chance to speak up and using every moment of it to spark interest was really good. I bet the cooking contest will be another opportunity for them again. This is why I like Fukube actually. Easy going, yet has a brilliance of his own that is always outshined by the lead character, but at least his moment in this episode is noteworthy.

    • mdz says:

      Yeah, he’s probably the most charismatic character of the group. I believe he’s a smart character; but he’s jealous of Oreki’s raw intellect at times; he tries, while Oreki’s inherently great [Similar to the speech given in one of the film episodes].

      But like he said, he’s an encyclopedia; a jack of all trades so to speak, and he excels at that. He’s not one to be undermined, although Oreki being there may create an apparent disparaged visage of Fukube [since Mayaka’s always arguing with him, and he’s always so jocular].

      He’s a good character.

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