On-going Thoughts: Arcana Famiglia 2/12

Face it Luca, Felicita finds you boring.

We start off the episode learning Luca’s arcana which is the Temperance. Sadly, while Luca telling Felicita that, she doesn’t even bother to listen. It turns out this is a flashback to when Felicita joined the Arcana Famiglia. When they arrive at the place where the Arcana Famiglia stays at I would assume. She meets all the members but is surprised to see Nova there. We find out from Pace that Nova and Felicita grew up together. Liberta introduces him and all the other members to Felicita. We also find out what Dante’s arcana is which is the Emperor. He is also the director but eh, that doesn’t really seem as important as his arcana. Luca TRIES to introduce himself which I don’t know why he didn’t do that earlier but is basically told by Debito and Pace that “NOBODY CARES!”. I feel so bad for Luca! :(

Everyone in the group is in charge of something and it’s nicknamed. Felicita is put in charge of arbitration which is nicknamed as “Sword”. We cut to an arena where Felicita kicks a randon guy’s ass. We see that Felicita’s mom’s arcana is Judgement. I guess she got her position by winning against the guy. We cut to the next scene with them drinking something, I don’t know, probably wine. As soon as Felicita is going to say what her path is, there’s a memory of her father saying she has no right to path? WAIT, WHAT? I thought this was a flashback! It turns out that Felicita was dreaming! Okay, that makes sense at least. She remembers the moment when her dad announced he’s going to retire and there will be a Arcana Duello for the title of “Papa”

We find out that what “Sword” is which is to file papers which is stacked on a huge desk JUST FOR FELICITA! That would be an excellent gift for someone! All the other members of “Sword” is patrolling. Yeah, THANKS GUYS! YOU’RE A HUGE HELP! Liberta enters the room to give Felicita…a shell. All of sudden, we see Nova running throw the hallway.Liberta and Felicita follow him while Luca comes back to the room with a drink for her but is like “Where are you Milady?” and looks through the room for her. XD

Liberta and Felicita finally catch up Nova but he wonders why the two are holding hands.  Nova refuses to tell them what’s going on but thanks to Felicita’s arcana, we can see right through his heart and see what happened. It turns out Nova saved a white kitty from being ran over by a carriage. AWWWW, NOVA HAS A SWEET SIDE AFTER ALL! Turns out, Nova brought the kitten to the mansion but it ran away from him. Now, Felicita and Liberta join to help Nova find the kitten! Liberta finds the kitty but it runs away and thanks to a vase almost falling, it gets away…kinda. Liberta catches the vase but the kitty appears once more and makes him drop it!

It’s now Nova’s time to catch the kitty! He finds the animal right on top of the bookcase which is right next to a open window. HM, I WONDER WHAT WILL HAPPEN! Nova tries to climb up the bookcase which falls on top of him letting the kitty get out the window. The kitty hides in the tree but when Felicita tries to climb the tree, she is stopped by Luca. Luca takes her place instead…wonderful. The damn kitty just jumps down the tree while Liberta and Nova come after it. However while trying to catch the kitty, it gets out of the way and lands in Felicita’s arms. Now, Nova needs to put it back where he found it which was in the street…yeah, it’ll totally stay alive if you put it in the damn street. Thank god Felicita notices it has a collar and sniffs it…for some strange reason. She says it smells like flowers and all of a sudden, HERE’S JOLLY!

HOLY CRAP, DON’T SCARE ME LIKE THAT JOLLY! We learn that Jolly’s arcana is the moon. He tells Felicita that the flowers are perfume.. Then, he walks away…totally pointless but okay. Later on that day, the three have no luck in finding who the owner might be. Pace tells them to go to the casino where they talk to Debito. Although he knows fifteen people who have that perfume, he says it’s pointless to keep looking. Good thing Felicita can see through the cat’s heart! Now, we know the owner is blonde. Thanks to that extra clue, Debito narrows down to eight people. Debito takes an extra look at the collar and is like “OH, AN EXPENSIVE MATERIAL? HERP DERP, I KNOW WHO IT IS NOW!”. We cut to them giving the kitty back to the owner. The owner gives Felicita a white dress in return..hehe…Liberta and Nova are blushing. The three are walking back to the mansion while Liberta says thanks to Felicita’s powers, they were able to find the owner but Nova gets all bitchy and says that she shouldn’t look into peoples’ hearts without permission. Nova says of all a sudden that they need to strength their arcana powers and for once, not being a total bitch, he says he believes in Felicita to win the Arcana Duello. The episode basically ends off with Felicita saying she will decide her own path and Luca in a tree. Poor Luca…

So, it was obvious that this episode was mainly filler but what can you do? You can’t just speed up to the Arcana Duello because that will make no sense with a 12 episode series. The episode was decent, we did get to see a little flashback of when Felicita join the Arcana Famiglia and Luca’s arcana. IF ONLY NOVA CAN BECOME LESS BITCHY FAST! It was his fault for letting the damn cat in the mansion and he complains about Felicita using her power to find the owner. YEAH, LOGIC AT IT’S FINEST RIGHT THERE!

NOTE: I will not be able to review Arcana Famiglia Episodes 3 and 4 due to me going to Florida on Saturday.

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