On-going Thoughts: Hyouka 14/21

Cooking’s hard mk.

Essentially character development.

I really liked how Hyouka approached the last few episodes. Traditional festival episodes are usually given to alleviate the “seriousness”, an episode to relax so to speak. Generally, this is usually used in action-prone series, like Shakugan no Shana. But, as Hyouka approached it; the mood was much lighter than in the previous episodes [albeit the previous episodes were in no ways, dark]; but, as many traditional festival episodes neglect to do, Hyouka did not abandon its roots as a mystery anime. The last few episodes all added onto the grand scheme [the IOUs from Juumonjii] without actually delving to deep into it [nobody actually made a conscious effort to search for the engimatic Juumonjii].

Production quality also remained consistent: ridiculously high. Some episodes digressing from the primary arc are met with less importance, or of lower production quality; in Hyouka’s case, shit remained extremely pretty. It’s fair to say that these past few episodes were as integral to the series as was the mystery of Hyouka’s history. Needless to say, character interaction remained extremely enjoyable. Oreki has began to, and is straying away from his lethargic approach to life.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts

I really enjoyed the episode, it was comical and relaxing. I usually have to think ahead of the given information in mysteries, which may result in me being focused more on the objectivity of the facts, rather than the subjective sentimentality. I’m glad that these past few episodes were latent in mystery.

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