On-going Thoughts: Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate 4/13

The Yaoi Stick really is a versatile product.

Something separates Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate from every other student council centric anime out there. At the moment, the series is split into a blatant episodic formula: 85% slice of life-esque club activities followed by 15% drama. In a sense, the drama may seem a bit brusque, and forced; yet, it seemed to flow during these past few episodes. If Oojima actually wins the election, the mood of the anime may shift [at least by speculation].

Takafuji Academy is an extremely unique school; the student council act as the accredited government. The mechanics of this working has only been slightly touched on through the interactions between Oojima and the incumbent president, Satsuki Shinonome. If, by opportunity, the anime further enunciates on how this works, then Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate could be a relatively original series.

The point of conflict during this episode revolves around financial aid students and the general students. Whether it’s by some ordained elitism, certain students appear to bully less fortunate students. The drama during this episode could be seen as a bit dogmatically trite [the affluent bullying the poor], but, it should serve as a plot device. Satsuki, the current incumbent president, may be aspiring to eliminate the financial aid program [essentially indentured servitude] in order to bring into cause, a regular scholarship [don’t get shitty grades and it’ll be fine]. It’s a bit optimistic to assume that this tactic will work, less fortunate students are less fortunate students; it’ll only lessen their workload, but I’m sure the bullying will ensue [unless the identities of those students that receive scholarships aren’t given — then again, a scholarship isn’t quite as negative as financial aid [it’s the connotation; a scholarship doesn’t imply a certain class]]. Anyways, Isari being bullied should mold Oojima’s actions as president, and his further subsequent actions if he does win the election.

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts

This season has a multitude of great shows. Among those is Kokoro Connect. That show is ridiculously awesome [I may be enjoying it more than SAO’s anime adaptation]. I really haven’t been watching a lot of shows outside of my on-going ones, but I did play Muv-Luv: Alternative [and parts of its sequel]. It was an incredibly well-written, and great visual novel; I’m still depressed about it. Besides that, just playing video games due to a certain expansion due to be released in around two months.

Oh right, should probably talk about Chocolate. It’s getting progressively more interesting, it’s amazing to see a series that’s not ridiculously rushed.

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4 Responses to On-going Thoughts: Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate 4/13

  1. Andmeuths says:

    The risk to Chocolate, I think, it’s not that it sinks into mediocrity. The risk is that the two competing elements (Character Drama and Electoral Politics), coupled with a Romantic Subplot (which so far is merely background to the real plot) is too ambitious for a one cour anime. If Chocolate can avoid descending into an incoherent mess, I’d say it’d have succeeded. Though the other difficulty with the show seems to be the fact that they need to shift from Slice of Life Backdrop, to electoral politics, to personal drama smoothly. So far, I think they are doing fairly well with that- there weren’t any major transitions I actually felt were jarring.

    Chocolate is not meant to be watched through the lens of Harem Eroge, IMO.

    It’s actually quite interesting to note that many anime Summer Previews predicted a lackluster season. I’ve noticed that of late, most detractors are no longer arguing that this season is a weak one. Perhaps the unexpected performance of Kokoro Connect may have contributed to that.

    • mdz says:

      Kokoro Connect’s unexpected greatness was a treat. It is true that a one cour season will have difficulty developing a meaningful romance [much of the relations have to be assumed, an inherent childhood romance for one] and an actual dramatic plot [since most of the drama is being essentially developed towards the end of every episode]. And yeah, the transitions from the club life was abrupt, but it didn’t feel melodramatic or out of place; it flowed [It’s something a lot of series fail to do, most namely C3 and Amnesia, albeit Kokoro Connect’s made by the same studio, and they seem to be handling the drama quite well].

      This season really isn’t bad by any means, I started the season primarily looking forward to SAO, and perhaps Chocolate. Now it has shifted to Kokoro Connect, SAO, Chocolate, and perhaps Muv-Luv [I finished the visual novel a few days ago, I watched the pilot; not exactly into the anime so far, but I may watch more later.]

      Next season does seem to be relatively interesting, with the premiere of Little Busters! and Robotic;Notes. Let’s hope it’s not like Fall of last year.

      • John Smith says:

        This reminds me, i don’t know how much time you have, but if you can you should review Kokoro Connect, its truly the surprise of the season imo. Its 2nd for me behind Sword Art Online, the drama is very well portrayed and the character development gets better with each episode.

        Also one cour animes can develop romance if done properly, Ano Hana showed that very well and it only had 11 episodes.

  2. mdz says:

    I would, but it would be difficult to write about. I’d only comment on how awesome it is, and how cool it is.

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