On-going Thoughts: Hyouka 15/21

O hay, development.

There’s some character development in this episode. It appears that Fukube may be coerced into a metamorphosis akin to the one that Oreki went through [Chitanda acted as the catalyst for Oreki’s transformation, Oreki may be acting as the catalyst for Fukube’s, albeit a lot less aggressively]. Fukube referred to himself as an “encyclopedia” in an earlier episode; it’s quite the opposite of Oreki, who needs details in order for his brain to ultimately deduce precisely.

This is plain speculation, but Fukube doesn’t seem to have an inferiority complex. Oreki does solve all of his cases, and as Irusu pointed out, he takes it for granted [she also gave him the speech on not acting so nonchalantly whilst doing so — it’s discouraging to others who are not gifted]. But Oreki doesn’t commit his actions with malice in mind, he’s naturally like that [lethargy reigns triumphant over everything else]. Chitanda coerced Oreki to change by forcing him out of his lethargic shell of sorts, Fukube may be coerced to change by Oreki, albeit by a more subtle manner [Fukube’s not an idiot, and his friends do not treat him like one; but, a jocular personality may attenuate taking someone seriously].

On-going Thoughts: Concluding Thoughts

Anyways, aside from the speculations, it’s an enjoyable episode. Hyouka’s a bit difficult to categorize outside the mystery and slice of life genre; it appears to have subtleties. In every mystery anime, the mysteries ultimately serve to complete a purpose; in Gosick, it was to ultimately construct a broad picture, a grand scheme; in Hyouka, the mysteries serve to irritate, and to force the characters to change. Oreki from a lethargic, underutilized mind into one more privy to try, and Oreki from a jocular clown into something greater.

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2 Responses to On-going Thoughts: Hyouka 15/21

  1. Hi! I Haven’t read your latest post on this one (I haven’t watched the 16th episode), but well, I for one think Fukube has an inferiority complex. It’s just more subtler and the plot is not hyping it – which is a good thing. I’m guessing that there will be a sort of confrontation between Oreki and Fukube in the future though what they will be fighting about, perhaps, is about Fukube trying to prove himself right while Oreki thinks otherwise. But of course, I may be wrong! Haha. Now that the 16th episode is up. All these ramblings I made here may have been wrong at this point in time. :)

    I think you noticed those expressions in Fukube’s face that looks like jealousy to me, or an expression close to it. He did that before, in the Houngo and Irisu Arc, when he said he’s kind of jealous with Irisu seemingly treating Oreki well. That expression is kind of disturbing.

    • mdz says:

      It is, especially since it’s so out of character for him [he’s usually the guy that’s always smiling]. Hopefully it’s a happy resolution.

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