On-going Thoughts: Arcana Famiglia 3/12

She just saw some crazy shit.

Hello everyone, I’m back!

So, I’m going to be doing something a little different. Instead of actually recapping the episode which takes me even longer to write my post, I will just be giving my thoughts on it. And holy crap yes, I’m turning into an actual anime reviewer! THE WORLD IS ENDING PEOPLE!

This episode basically deals with Piccolino, a event for little children. Aw, the organization is helping out little children now! Just keep them away from Debito and you’ll be fine. SADLY, they don’t….He tells them a scary story TO MAKE ALL OF THEM CRY! I CAN TELL DEBITO WILL BE AN EXCELLENT FATHER! We got some flashbacks of some members of the organization and the one that caught my attention the most was Liberta’s. Hint, you get to see a bit of his arcana power but it cuts off as soon as it gets to the good part.

I really liked this episode. Some flashbacks of the members of the organization which is good because we don’t really see some of them a lot. I actually liked the beginning part of the episode because at first I thought it was going to be about a ghost but it wasn’t. It actually made me laugh a bit which is rare for anime to actually do. Overall, I liked the episode. Let’s hope we can see what happens in Liberta’s flashback! :)

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