On-going Thoughts: Arcana Famiglia 4/12

Impressed Liberta is impressed.So, this episode is basically about Liberta’s past! Woooohooo! I get what I asked from in the last post! :D

Badass kid Liberta is badass!

We learn two things in this episode, a guy in a mask who was in the flashbacks and Liberta’s arcana power. I won’t say what it is but damn, he’s in the role of God with his power! I’m actually kind of scared of Liberta after this because he can do whatever he want…hell, he now owns the emo past that I thought Nova will have! Oh yeah, the masked man is also revealed towards the end but…eh,  not as good as finding out what Liberta’s arcana power.

Overall, awesome episode. We see EVEN MORE of Liberta’s past, what his arcana power is and does and finally who that masked man was! I thought we would get his past later in the series but they were like “PFFFFFFFTTTT, LET’S REVEAL HIS PAST IN EPISODE 4!” which I’m so glad they did! :D

Awww, I never thought causing damage to the city would have this little moment!

By the way, I think in the end, Felicita will end up with Liberta. You never really see her with Nova that often. I hope there are some moments with her and Nova soon! :)

Overall Thoughts: Awesome episode with some development for Liberta. You never expected to get character development in a otome anime now did you? However, like every episode, it ended with a happy ending…somehow. Come on, there can’t be a happy ending in every episode guys! THERE JUST CAN’T! 9/10 (Yeah, I’m giving this episode that high of a rating. Don’t tell MDZ….) XD

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