On-going Thoughts: Arcana Famiglia 5/12

PACE NO!!! Thanks to Pace, no one ate cake that night.

So, in this episode we get interaction with Felicita and Nova. Damn…I know this episode came out a long time ago but it’s like each episode reads my posts and gives me what I ask for! We get a little flashback of Nova when he was a kid who I may say is SO DAMN CUTE!

My god, did they make kid Nova cute! Now, he’s even cuter and more badass than ever! :D

We also learn that Nova was suppose to be Felicita’s future husband. But, I guess Nova cut it off because he’s a douchebag too when he grows up. COME ON NOVA, YOU GAVE UP YOUR CHANCE TO BE WITH FELICITA BECAUSE OF YOUR DAMN PERSONALITY?! Give me a break anime!  We have Liberta in this episode but he is still acting a bit off thanks to the last episode. There is also a point where Felicita actually looks into a thief’s heart because he stole a wallet from a rich lady. So, as expected, there is a fight scene with him and his friends. Oh yeah, they realized that Novaq is the “Samurai Nova.” WELL NO SHIT YOU DAMN IDIOTS. HE HAS A SWORD OR KANTANA WHATEVER FOR A REASON. I WILL SURE AS HELL THINK HE’S THE SAMURAI NOVA. They give the wallet back to the owner. :)

Nova actually acts nice in this episode which is a surprise because in every other one he is a douchebag. But, in every anime, the douchebag does have his moments. He also gets his character development and we actually find out he hates his parents. Just watch the episode and you’ll know why he does.   By the way, at the end of this episode, I’m starting to not like Jolly at all. I mean, he’s so mysterious and I don’t even know what his aracana is and if they mentioned it, I’m sorry but I totally forgot it. Plus, he has some secret he’s hiding from everyone. Yeah, they don’t check behind curtains by the way guys, it’s totally not suspicious at all.

Thoughts: Overall, I enjoyed yet another episode of Arcana Famiglia. I hope they keep up this pace because I’m liking this. Character development and the moments with the two main guys with Felicita. Plus, even Jolly had some effect on me which I didn’t really expect. Keep the episodes coming people! (But not at a fast rate, I still have two more episodes to watch!) XD

I will end this post with this picture. STOP WITH THE CUTENESS PEOPLE! I CAN’T HANDLE IT ANYMORE!!

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