On-going Thoughts: Arcana Famiglia 6/12

This is the second time I have to write this because WordPress didn’t publish the first try correctly. Thanks WordPress, just thanks.

Pirates invade Regalo Island! I love Felicita’s face when she hears the news!

She looks so concerned!

It turns out Papa’s older brother was kidnapped! And if you didn’t figure it out, Papa’s older brother is Nova’s dad! So wait…If Papa’s older brother is Nova’s dad…that means…THEY’RE DAMN COUSINS! OH MY GOD!!!!!! I JUST REALIZED THIS JUST NOW! I now support Liberta and Felicita…Anyway, I noticed that the anime took a serious turn in episode 4. There is some humor though so don’t expect the anime to go so dark on you. By the way, in my opinion, I actually like Nova’s past much better than Liberta’s.

No Eyes Nova!

What was with the animation here? Come on, Nova’s hair isn’t that long to cover his eyes!

Liberta, Nova and Felicita find the ship in a matter of seconds…anime logic. There is some combat on the ship and it shows off Nova’s arcana power! What does Nova’s arcana power do? It makes people go to sleep…yeah, I expected something a bit better. I guess my expectations were too high. Thanks to Nova’s arcana power, it was the reason why his parents are basically are in eternal sleep. Nova is left to look after the pirates while Liberta and Felicita have no problem finding Nova’s dad and getting him out. Did the whole crew seriously got hit with Nova’s arcana power or something? They carry the two out since Nova is almost unconscious because he used his power when the masked man shows up!

And this happens in the process.

The two defeat the masked man when a pillar is about to crush Felicita when Liberta uses his arcana power to save her! He also passes out just like Nova and Felicita gets karate chopped in the neck by the masked man. The man is destroyed by the way and I can’t believe I got it right. You can tell by the voice who it was all along. After that scene, I was like “WHAT THE HELL, IT WAS A…?!” And no, I’m not going to spoil it, you just have to watch the episode yourself to find out what happened! Ohohoho, I’m so evil! >:)

Thoughts: Overall, it was a decent episode. Not the best in my opinion even though both Nova and Liberta use their arcana power. Plus I still can’t get over the animation with Nova’s eye in that scene. It’s just so weird! Plus, I didn’t like how I knew who the masked man was. It was obvious by his voice so I could easily tell who it was. Come on, couldn’t you guys do another twist or something? However, I didn’t expect the little twist at the end so I will give the episode some credit right there.

NOTICE: Thanks to school starting up again next week, I will be further behind on Arcana Famiglia than already am. Don’t worry though, I will try to get my post on Episode 7 before Wednesday!

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