On-going Thoughts: Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate 8/13

I’m such a whore for drama.

Why does it seem that Chisato’s art is done with the least amount of effort.

My prediction of Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate becoming “more drama-orientated” was actually accurate. There were quite a few developments in this episode, and surprisingly, it didn’t seemed forced. More so, the romance is becoming less apparent in an “obvious winner”. His not liking Chisato as more than friends is an enigmatic trait indeed; he readily contemplated [perhaps jokingly] on the possibility of a romance with the teacher, but instinctively denied a romance with Chisato. There should be a more “integral” reason than “because we’re childhood friends”. But even more, he didn’t handle his situation with Chisato retardedly. Normally, I’d be spewing invectives at how badly the protagonist handled a denial of romance with a heroine; but in his case, he did it pragmatically. He asserted his caring for her as an absolute value, but stated that he didn’t like her romantically. More often than not, most protagonists tend to screw up scenarios like this, by either insinuating an ambiguous outlook, or being “romantically inept”. Anyhow, given the previous “hot spring development” and Chisato getting the majority [spanned throughout numerous episodes, albeit she hasn’t had her “own episode”] of the screen time; it’s too soon to say that she’s “lost” the battle.

The relationship between Shinonome and her sister was enunciated and clarified in this episode. It seemed a bit strange for her to tell Shinonome about the past without losing to her. Nevertheless, if we believe her words, then it’s apparent that she had her reasons for “alienating” her family. As to the romance between the three, I can’t see the teacher winning, it’s just not the most practical development. Shinonome has a chance, but it’s a matter of whether she’s filtered out of the primary storyline outside her arc [the previous side characters aren’t mentioned too much after their arcs, but Chisato has remained a “constant”, which leads me to believe that she’s ironically, winning]. Nevertheless, I don’t really have a clear favorite between Shinonome and Chisato; I like Shinonome’s character far more, but I can’t help but root for the “main heroine” [blatantly at least], and in this case, the childhood friend trope [because childhood friends are cool and shit].

Everything is less serious with cakes.

It’s also a bit “awesome” how Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate handles the previews to the next episodes. I skip previews most of the time because I don’t care to know what occurs in the next episode [that would defeat the purpose of actually speculating], but Chocolate does it uniquely. Regardless of the developments, Chocolate shows the most lighthearted scenes from the next episode, and it’s always accompanied by a lighthearted track, which attenuates a “serious” mood. It’s by no means bad, it’s almost a bit trolly; it’s just awesome that music could be the deciding factor in delineating between a “serious” preview and a “lighthearted” one.

Concluding Thoughts

Drama’s cool. I swear, I have the anime preferences of a teenage, hormonal girl. I don’t like action series since they tend to be banal, and desolate of a storyline; and I tend to dislike shounens because they’re often immature in storyline and character. I can’t quite say that I like shoujo, but I like most josei and seinen series that I do watch. So yeah, cool episode.

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4 Responses to On-going Thoughts: Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate 8/13

  1. Andmeuths says:

    So, does this fall under Seinen to you? It’s a pity that tomorrow or on Sunday, there’d be another stream of blogs commenting on how utterly cliche and forced the drama was.

    Personally, I think that some of the pacing problems are showing themselves in this episode, not that it’s necessarily a minus for the adapters, since considering the time-constraint, I think they’ve done fairly well.

    • mdz says:

      Not exactly a specific category; it’s definitely not a shounen, and it doesn’t seem like a seinen.

      And yeah, people are sure to have ambivalent view points; drama’s driven by the characters, if you don’t like the characters, then you won’t care for the drama. I like the characters regardless of the cliche tropes, I also like the setting of the anime [it’s original].

      It’s fairly good so far, by no means is it great, just an enjoyable drama.

  2. John Smith says:

    This episode also gave me that feeling concerning who is “winning”…Since i don’t want Chisato to win i should have been glad that she “lost” yet since it appears that no one is even close to winning her constant appearance as the MC gives her the lead advantage regardless of rejection which is just weird….Before this episode happened i still didn’t want Chisato to win but at the same time wouldn’t have thought much of it if she did win, but now….wouldn’t Yuuki be a hypocrite if he suddenly chose her? i mean there aren’t that many episodes left, and next one appears to be more on the political side, while developments are still to be made, its not like he isn’t aware of his past, he knows their past and still denied her, so it would just seem weird for him to choose her after all that, but that said i can’t see Satsuki winning for the same reason i can’t see the teacher winning, since this episode was made to reconnect their relationship, one of them getting Yuuki while the other is left to hang would be counterproductive in that message that this episode seemed to imply. Mifuyu already seems to resign herself to self sacrifice for Chisatos sake, and i honestly never even saw the other two (stalker girl, and financial aid girl) as having a realistic chance, so it seems more and more likely that Chisato is going to win which is a shame, since this show could very well take the Mashiro route and be unique but at this rate it doesn’t seem to be the case.

    • mdz says:

      Yeah, Chisato hasn’t had her arc yet; since her rejection was given this “early” in the series, it doesn’t seem pragmatic for her to lose. Her relationship with the MC is still relatively enigmatic; the flashbacks pertaining to the little boy hasn’t been enunciated on yet; I’d predict a cathartic point between the two, followed by her winning.

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