On-going Thoughts: Hyouka 20/21

Essentially the Christmas episode.

This was essentially the “Christmas” episode of Hyouka; the mood that typical Christmas specials emit was present through the episode. And with that, it was ridiculously enjoyable. The “mystery” was once more, an obscurity, and surprisingly, it was relatively predictable. But that didn’t attenuate the focus of this episode, which were the interactions between Chitanda And Oreki. There’s not much to say besides that, I really like the out-of-school episodes; it’s a break from the norm, and it allows KyoAni to show their prowess in animation outside the school setting [like a literal setting]. It’s now a matter of how they’ll end the series; Hyouka is a solid watch for the mystery/slice of life genre; I really want them to pull off a few more elements [either drama or romance; but the former’s not very likely given the mood of the show].

On a promising note, the next episode has a Valentine Day-isque motif with it; I can only hope that it revolves around Oreki-Chitanda and Mayaka-Satoshi. On a different note, there’s actually a lot of time skips; Hyouka isn’t quite “blatant” with them, but weeks, even months are skipped at a time. This allows us to assume that the group is interacting on a daily basis [given club activities], and not only with the grandiose obscurities [mysteries].

Concluding Thoughts

Curious to see how this’ll end, I really hope it ends on a memorable note.

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3 Responses to On-going Thoughts: Hyouka 20/21

  1. SmithCB says:

    Valentines, eh? I was expecting it to be the visit to Chitanda’s uncle’s grave, but that still may be in the works, since you don’t put something like that in a script without it having some relevance. As I noted in another location, I don’t think we can expect any more than a hesitant hand-holding as the next step between these two, but for it to end with Chitanda tentiatively taking his hand and Oreki giving her a small smile would be enough for me. On to season two (I’d hope), where maybe his skills help out the shrine, something outside just the club or school.

    • mdz says:

      A season two would really be interesting, did you read the source?

      • John Smith says:

        It seems there are two more volumes after the Kudryavka Order arc, so another season may be possible, especially since some episodes like this one appear to be filler, tho that said looking closer it appears the second to last chapter in volume 4 is based on the next episode, so that would just leave the final volume (volume 5), they may do an OVA to cover it, since it appears to be really long, but i have never seen one volume or even two volumes be enough for a season (showed with SAO)

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