On-going Thoughts: Arcana Famiglia 7/12

Debito gets all the girls. It’s the eye patch guys.

Luca…You’re scaring me.

Nova and Liberta try to deliver a letter to Felicita from Mama but she’s nowhere to be found. She went with Luca somewhere. The chef lady says that the two were making “love potions”. At that point I’m like “Whoa, Luca’s love for Felicita has gone to his head!” Liberta and Nova look for the two but to no avail. They eventually get handcuffed together after chasing someone who cheated at the casino. Oh joy, I can’t wait to hear the two argue even more!

Where is Jolly’s other eye?

Oh yeah, right in the middle of the episode you basically find out what happened with Felicita. Yet another twist with this anime that actually surprised me unlike the guy with the mask one. Thank god we don’t have to listen to Liberta and Nova argue this whole episode because we go to Felicita, Debito, Pace and Luca in a forest. They talk about Jolly stealing herbs away from Luca so he made a little secret garden so Jolly doesn’t take them again.

Pace I don’t think you should touch Felicita’s nose…

Now look at what you did! You made Luca upset!

Every so often, we keep cutting back from Nova and Liberta to the others. SO MUCH CUTTING! Nova and Liberta find Felicita having tea with the others. I would have been like “NOVA AND LIBERTA, YOU JUST KICKED THE DOOR IN AND NOW YOU’RE INTERRUPTING MY TEA PARTY. GET OUT!”

…This episode man…I call it the tease episode. It’s mainly because of the opening with Luca and Felicita. ‘-‘ I hope Nova and Luberta get their reward from Felicita soon. (Watch the episode to know what I’m talking about) I’m still having a huge problem with the art sometimes. Come on, sometimes characters don’t have their eyes and Jolly in this episode has one. He doesn’t look bad ass with it, he just looks stupid in my opinion. Let’s hope they fix that in episode 8.

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