On-going Thoughts: Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate 9/13

A shift from drama

… or so I’d like to say. This episode was fairly interesting; politics in school is a really intriguing concept; although it’s integral to the series, it’s not shown too much outside of storyline development. As to the election, I really don’t see Oojima winning. Chances are, he’ll end up supporting, or uniting with Shinonome; they both want to end discrimination against financial aid students [Shinonome wants a scholarship program, rather than an “indentured servanthood”; her role as a main side character, and her prominence as a candidate coerces me to believe this]. The only ambivalent point would be the cutting of spending for clubs; I’m sure he’ll convince her to ameliorate her view on it [probably through some anecdote on how time spent with friends is priceless].

Exhibit A of being phased out.

On the topic of winners, Chisato’s probably going to win the heroine race. She’s been so heavily integral to the series thus far and she hasn’t had her “own arc” yet [a lot of the side characters have had their arcs; after their arcs, they’re phased out of the central action]. Even in the other arcs, Chisato’s presence was rather flagrant; chances are, her arc’s coming up soon. As to the content of her arc, it probably revolves around her, Oojima, and Daiki. The enigma of the Daiki is rather apparent; enough detail is given about him to insinuate the situation, but nothing solidifies it. We could assume that Chisato and Oojima were incredibly close with Daiki; we could take one of two routes after assuming this. We could assume that they formed a “trio” as childhood friends [establishing that the event occurred when they were kids]. Or we could assume that it’s a more recent event [since in every flashback, Chisato’s in her teenage form]. Regardless of the chronology, he had to have been integral to their lives, and I’m assuming there was a bit of guilt with it too [trauma’s trauma, but if flashbacks are this frequent, I’d assume a lingering guilt — the chocolate bar tribute would be indicative of this].

Exhibit B.

The preview for the next episode shows Oojima intact [he’s walking]; we could assume that the car stopped on its way to impact. Brushing that aside, the developments with Chisato may seem a bit forced or rushed. I can’t exactly say that it is; her situation is understandable, perhaps, if she was phased out during every other side-character arc, then these would be trifling developments. But, the attenuated darker mood, along with the constant shifts to Chisato foreshadowed quite a bit of this. Her being a focus even in the side arcs postulated her integral position in the storyline, and her constant jealous, and melancholic attitude justifies the cathartic outbreaks. Nevertheless, it’s a matter of how they pull off her arc; Daiki’s been alluded to since the beginning episodes, his existence can’t be a mediocre one.

Concluding Thoughts

A visual novel adaptation is almost always going to be a harem-isque adaptation. It’s not a matter of possibility, it almost always is. In a visual novel, each heroine has their own routes, and you take one; in an adaptation, it’s difficult to animate each arc [sentimentally at least] without insinuating a harem-centric romance. Amagami SS ameliorated this inherent difficulty in adaptation with their take on alternate dimensions; Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate doesn’t appear to be a generic harem adaptation, but the mood’s still there. Nevertheless, it’s still enjoyable.

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3 Responses to On-going Thoughts: Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate 9/13

  1. John Smith says:

    I think its from their childhood and her being in teenage form is just symbolism that she still hasn’t gotten past it, that being said i do agree that she is likely to “win” despite me really not wanting her to, the jealousy seems like its out of control now as well, her feeling like she is left behind makes me question if what she really feels for Yuuki is affection or dependency, and as many well know relationships can’t be maintained on dependency, both individuals need to able to stand on their own, and it seems like Chisato can’t do that, as shown in the preview she breaks down yet again. The biggest concern for her winning though is the implied (since her winning would mean it would happen eventually) 180 concerning Yuuki’s feelings, he rejected her with no doubt, for him to flip on that would be BS imo.

    • mdz says:

      The reason I wasn’t so readily clingy onto the childhood friend was probably because the incident had to have been potent enough to cause a divide between the two [then again, they may have been romantically close even as young kids — the “wedding”]. Oojima probably has his reasons, and if the reasons become resolved, it’ll flow; but it’s a matter of what the reasons are, and how they’ll handle it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    shinonome FTW!

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