On-going Thoughts: Hyouka 22/22

The climax.

In this episode, Oreki’s metamorphosis reaches its conclusion. I’ve always preached about how Hyouka revolved around obscure mysteries, and how it made those obscurities entertaining and engaging; yet, I never posited or attempted to find out the reason as to why. The concept became clear in this episode — Oreki finally begins to see colors rather than the monochrome he’s used to seeing. He disposes of his lethargy, and he changes; through the amalgamation of a certain catalyst, and numerous relations, he’s progressed to the point where he’s out of his nihilistic shell. The small mysteries, or obscurities act as trivialities in life, the smaller aspects of it; he’s beginning to realize something he’s been working so close to.

The season [or series] ends with a somber, yet rejuvenating note. It’s apparent that Chitanda, Oreki, Mayaka, and Satoshi are not as “close” as once before when it comes to club activities [pay attention to the structure, the time skips ranged from being relatively negligible to significant]; Satoshi’s branched out with Mayaka, while the ending insinuates the same for Chitanda and Oreki. It’s a relatively open ending; Chitanda wanted Oreki to know her inevitable fate, much like a serf being tied to a land; while Oreki’s inherently determined to ameliorate her dilemma. I really do hope that these characters, these concepts enter into a state of sentimental relationships of a higher degree — from friendship to romance. If I had to assume, I’d say that Satoshi did confess to Mayaka; but, he’s probably taking it slow until he can control his impulses and his nature.

I’d offer a Concluding Thoughts, but there’s just bluntly, not a lot more to say. I don’t like reiterating information, it’s waste in my opinion; so, these cumulative episodic entries should serve as a relatively blatant compendium for how I feel about the series. Hyouka is a very enjoyable series; it’s just difficult to write about at times. Like all slice of life series, it’s casual interaction ;however, it boasts an attenuated layer of literary genius. I do my reviews a bit differently now, I don’t like giving blatant summaries [even conceptual ones] without personal opinion. Most of my reviews tend to be chauvinistic lauding or vitriolic condemning. It’s the layer of the analysis that I prefer to delve into, rather than the surface, common-sense details. Hyouka’s a fantastic, awesome series.

I really do enjoy anime subjectively, while being a bit more “didactic” and analytic as a byproduct. Hyouka’s great, especially the later halve. It felt lighthearted, yet, surprisingly serious at times; it’s an agglomeration of social interactions, abstract concepts [told through artistic merit and development], and mystery. The fans of the slice of life genre will certainly enjoy the complimentary relationships within the group; Oreki is countered by Chitanda, and Satoshi by Mayaka; it’s an excuse to banter, and an excuse to meaningful develop characters. Most romance series, and drama series have this certain cathartic point [a climax so to speak] where everything the hero attains is brought forward, and accepted; in most cases, it’s an incredibly emotional episode, or an incredibly epic episode; in Hyouka’s case, it almost seemed anticlimatic, yet it flowed so well. Oreki’s epiphanous point wasn’t quite a cathartic one, but its potency doesn’t need to be questioned.

The romance for one was handled in a way similar to a certain Key novel. Romance was never blatantly developed; it was always an attenuated second element; it was never the focus of the series, and confessions weren’t quite eminent. Yet, the chemistry between the selected characters are almost readily accepted; the romance between Satoshi and Mayaka isn’t one that was given a lot of direct development, yet the meaningfulness isn’t questioned. It’s not argued for as being forced even though there wasn’t a lot of direct development, the same goes for Oreki and Chitanda. It’s the influx of ignorant developments between the two; love wasn’t quite a goal in their relationships, more so just an inadvertent, and inevitable byproduct.

Anyways, enough rambling; Hyouka’s was an enjoyable series. It’s one that excelled sentimentally, as well as objectively. If there are more specials, or OVAs, I’ll do entries on them. If not, I’ll still be doing some shows next season. Which really should be fun with a multitude of AP classes, college applications, social responsiblities, and laze.

…Tbh, really just the last excuse. I have too much free time, but I’m too damn lazy.

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3 Responses to On-going Thoughts: Hyouka 22/22

  1. John Smith says:

    I felt so trolled when that confess was just his imagination, why can’t they ever end a series decisively….well anyway it was really really enjoyable, i really liked the laid back mysteries and dialogue and Orekis character carried this series for me, really enjoyable and indeed memorable. KyoAni did not disappoint. there series next season looks amazing as well, will you watch it?

    • mdz says:

      I kinda did too, but it’s a logical ending I guess. It’s really similar to S;G’s ending, except S;G actually had a tangible romance — Hyouka’s romance is only heavily implied, it never quite materialized.[even Mayaka and Satoshi’s romance wasn’t shown, just heavily implied]. Nevertheless, a fufilling ending, although not blatant with the subsequent events, it leads the viewers to create their own endings [which kinda blows, I want my fucking ending].

      And yeah, definitely. Whether I’ll do entries on it is a different matter; next season has too many shows. Seriously, last Fall season had numerous promising shows too, but most of them were disappointments. On my roster, at the very least, I want to try.
      -Little Busters [read the light novel, but it’s JC Staff; they’re not shitty, just average; Key doesn’t need average]
      -Robotic;Notes [related to Steins;Gate, not much of a reason besides that. Production I.G is a high-end studio too, so it’ll be pretty at the very least].
      -Chuunibyo demo Koi ga Shitai- In all honesty, didn’t really into it much, just watching it because it’s KyoAni, and KyoAni typically doesn’t disappoint.

      Not to mention I’ll be continuing by SAO entries [which take around an hour on Saturday].

      So yeah, it really depends on the show to write about. I’ll write about it if it’s easy to write about [Like SAO]. Writing for Amagami SS+ was terrible, there was nothing to say besides “Shit’s cute”. Since it’s typically a one-man operation with the primary shows, I’ll have to choose carefully, since I really do dislike dropping series.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Season 2 pls!!!! orz

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