On-going Thoughts: Arcana Famiglia 8/12

Elmo’s design looks so weird to me….

We are introduced to another character, a child named Elmo. He’s a weird character to me. He interacts with Jolly who I’m pretty suspicious of at the moment. I mean, come on, we barely know anything about the guy. Elmo soon makes a request for him to go out to the city. At this point I was like, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” and this makes Jolly smile.

Felicita happens to be in the city because you know, that timing. She sees Elmo and Jolly walking while he smiles. DUDE, RUN AWAY! IF HE OFFERS YOU A LOLLIPOP, CALL THE POLICE! Jesus, kids in anime are so clueless! Debito is also in the episode and….HAS SOME TIME WITH FELICITA IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!

Debito, you’re not a love interest! GET THE HELL OUT!

Nah, Felicita was given a letter by Jolly to give it to Debito. He just happens to have a bad dream and wakes up to see Felicita and is like “Let’s have a moment dammit!” and pulls her to his bed. I actually like Debito without the eye patch, so awesome. <3 :D

I kinda liked this moment because there’s barely nothing like that with Nova and Liberta. It’s getting close to the end of the series, I BETTER SEE SOME INTIMATE STUFF MAN! The letter is something about Debito’s right eye which has been giving him problems lately. (Nightmares and stuff in that nature)

Creepy Debito is Creepy.

Felicita starts to get concerned and is suspicious about Jolly. Who isn’t at this point? Soon after, everyone is cleaning the church until Jolly appears. Everyone hates him…again, who doesn’t? He lets everyone on a little secret which is that Pace, Luca and Debito’s stigmata are being used in his experiment. That’s not a little secret though…Debito tries to kill him with his gun, denied. Pace falcon punches the shit out of him though! Jolly walks away fine even though he hit glass! ANIME LOGIC AT IT’S FINEST!

Near the end of the episode Felicita is with Liberta and Nova saying that she doesn’t think Jolly is a bad person and remembers when he was with Elmo. The three go into Jolly’s room where he experiments and looks behind the curtain that nobody didn’t do before. They find, HEY, ISN’T THAT ELMO?!


The episode ends there with Jolly finding them discovering his experiment.

Wow, this was a decent episode. All the characters hate Jolly like I do! The climax only adds to what will happen in the next episode. Will Jolly do something to the three by finding out his little experiment? There wasn’t much time with Liberta and Nova as I hoped but that little moment with Debito made up for it I guess. It’s near the end of the series however so it’s little time they can do with only 4 episodes remaining. I hope they use those episodes wisely.

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