On-going Thoughts: Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate 11/13

Easily predictable, but also easily enjoyable.

We see quite a few developments in this episode. The past few episodes have been a bit ambivalent in terms of general feedback; a lot of people dislike Chisato because of how linear, and simplistic her character is — the forced melodrama surrounding her doesn’t help. This episode doesn’t alleviate much of that; her development was fairly predictable and cliche: she was haunted by guilt, so she decided to live a pleasureless life [because she doesn’t deserve it]. Nevertheless, there’s nothing that friendship won’t cure [as seen with Kana’s awakening too].

There’s also a matter of the inner mechanics of how the school in Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate functions. Although it’s original, it’s also a bit unbelievable in terms of potency, and of practicality. There’s a matter of allocating such power to students in the first place, then there’s the practicality in allowing students to regulate billions of dollars [even in yen, it’s a ridiculous amount]. I do like how the politics in Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate in comparable to politics in real life; there isn’t a blatant black and white, it’s more so gray, or at the very least, ambiguous. Mouri committed the actions that he did not out of spite, but out of love; love as a catalyst and a reason isn’t quite cliche and overdone, it’s a matter of how it’s presented. In some cases, it’s done very well; in other cases, like this one, it’s done rather mediocrely. When you’re essentially given the developments brusquely, with reiterations of recolored, trite dialogue, there’s not a lot of sympathy or innovation.

But that said, Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate is hardly an objective show; it’s almost completely subjective. The mechanics of the world does exist, but they’re seldom stressed, they’re just unlinings of the grand scheme. It’s a character show, not in complexity, but with likability; Mifuyu especially shined in this episode. Her willingness to sacrifice her own happiness for Chisato’s is a noble deed, albeit I did find her dilemma to be a bit silly. Her scar’s not that large [coming from the guy with a huge scar down his spine]; it’s not something to flaunt, but it’s hardly something to be ashamed or embarrassed of. Speaking of overreactions, there’s also the matter of Oojima handling the situation. Impulsively, he induced a ridiculously pointless dramatic scene; rather than wait, than call, he decided to pretentiously cause a scene. Heroic in the long run, but had he have failed, it would have been an asinine, and melodramatic development.

Chisato’s and Oojima’s relationship is perhaps the most integral, yet the weakest relationship. Their relationship is commensalistic, if not, mutualistic; it did not start as love, but rather as dependence. Although “love” was truly developed during the course of interaction, in comparison with every other heroine, they’ve had a “stronger” foundation. Many people will, passionately and dispassionately, rant about this pairing. Chisato’s a fairly linear character; she’s a generic tsundere with a mediocre backstory. In comparison to others like Mifuyu and Shinonome, she could be seen as the weakest pick; but regardless of personal preferences, she’s still a somewhat likable character. Perhaps I’m just incredibly easy to please with childhood friends, or with generic tsunderes, but scenes between the two are enjoyable. The allusions to their past, and the parallels to the kids were also done well. The ending was ridiculously predictable and asinine though.

Concluding Thoughts

Chocolate’s not an amazing show, but it’s not exactly terrible either. It’s likable, and it’s enjoyable, but it’s not great objectively. At the moment, the existence of Oosawa is relatively engimatic, but we’ll assume that she has her reasons. The ending was a bit irritating considering the development, the foreshadowed kiss, followed by the predictable block. It’s not a very good development. Nevertheless, it’s a matter of how they handle it in the remaining episodes.

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One Response to On-going Thoughts: Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate 11/13

  1. Anonymous says:

    oh no… i’m still hoping for a Shinoname ending

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